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We would like to remind everyone to fill out there users profile.

In the profile you should post your name, location and perhaps fill out some of the blanks regarding your favorite race etc.

The reason is to create a tighter more comfortable community.
The big difference between 2.0 and the classic message board is that on 2.0 the poster is accountable for his/her action. Freedom of speech is still provided with the exception of insults. Once you start attacking others without a valid explanation you may get booted. So far this did not happen and we are sure it wont.

Anyways....by filling out your profiles we as moderators know who we are dealing with and in case of a conflict it will be easier to come to peace.


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Hey Klaus,
I recently tried to add some bio info to
my profile, but it only allows 250 charicters max
its not much room to try to sqeeze in a bio for a 37 year old male like myself
Can it be increased? maybe 500 or 1000 charictors