Promoting Sponsors that help us race

jon coleman

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another good way to race cheaper is sell yourself, go to Everyone w a one page, short , professional looking proposal, start low, and get as many onboard for cheap( much easier to get 10 business s at 50 bucks than one at 500, i watched Ricky Ramirez do this and it worked


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I'lll jump in here.... We too are a small family team, no big sponsors paying our bills, would be tough to operate without the help from family and friends, and a few companies who have stepped up to help us out a little here and there, with some great products. When you're on a budget every little bit helps. So please yes, SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT RACING... (thanks for allowing us to help out our sponsors Klaus!)
Full Throttle Battery
Kasich Graphics
AP Fab
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a few years ago there was a couple posts like this. Dont remember what they were titled.