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Props for Race-Dezert.com


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I just wanted to tell John and Klaus what an awsome job they have done in making this a great place for info and debates. You guys have come a long way from the beginning of this page. It has become a respectable place for all of us to gain knowledge on how to go bigger and faster!

You guys Rock!
Fire Guys Racing

P.S. Hope to meet you guys at Primm, stop by for a beer, we'll keep them cold for ya!


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I agree, this place is great, It has got really good. I was pretty pissed when you got rid of the old forum, but now I love this new one a whole lot more. This is the first place I go when I log on to the internet, even before I check my e mails. If you guys ever come to Parker, let me know, and I will give you a tour of the shop, and let you get a look at my new trophy truck we are building. Thanks.


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Yep, race-deZert DOES rock! I remember checking out the site with my brother long before Greg and I met and thinking it was so cool someone had something interesting on the web besides gaming, porn, and Joe Blow's site about his cat and favorite emo bands. I've seen it grow into an invaluable resource for desert racers and other lovers of offroad. We certainly wouldn't be enjoying the success we've had with our endeavor if it weren't for race-DeZert and the generousity they've showed in allowing us a forum where we could get the word out. "I'm gonna check race-deZ" is heard daily in our house. This website has brought together so many people who share "the love of the sport" and that in itself is damn cool, not to mention the awesome articles and ya gotta love Skunk Workz. Besides all that they are some of the coolest bunch of boyz anyone could ever know and I sure consider myself fortunate to count them among my friends (and I know Greg does too). Damn it, I'm getting all misty eyed.

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Kudos to the RDC crew. The most dignified thing they did was to require personal responsibility in each forum post and discussion.

I owe you all a cold one at Blackies in Newport on Sunday August 26th.

Hated by Eco-Freaks and Bob Yen.


- users no longer part of the rdc family -

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Thanx everyone. Its comments like these that make it all worth while.

Pat, see you in 1.5 weeks in Newport.


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Ditto - nice job and a HUGE thanks!! You guys rock!!

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Much thanks to the Boyz for this gathering point for a huge majority of the offroad community. Just keep feeding them beers(and food) and give them co-driver or testing seat time and these guys will probably do it forever!!



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I am a new truck owner (7s) as well as new to this web site. I am finding this a very cool as well as needed tool for my team and me. I don't know many of you in person but I feel that I am getting to know more and more people through this site. I to find myself checking the site everytime I sit at the computer. I am not a big computer wiz, I am finding that with this site you don't have to be. Great job and Thank You for this tool. I hope to meet everyone in person one day.

J.C. Andrews
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Alright........its my turn. RDC Rocks! Ditto on the above comments. I would like to add however that without this site I would not have met at least a dozen people that are now my friends.

Rock on Bro's

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Yeah, RDC does rock! It's da bomb! Mad props to Klaus, John B, and
everyone else who make it possible... etc. etc. etc....

Most everyone here is 100% cool, and they already feel like friends, even though
I've only met a couple of them.

SO IN THAT CASE - when are we gonna have another RDC get together so
we can put names to faces? Ideas anyone? I know there's an RDC / IP thing
coming soon, how about some details? Hello? Anyone? Ferris?


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if it werent for this awesome site , i'd throw this #$%^@ POS computer off my balcony!!!

Gabe Lara

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Its funny that alot of people were biased to this version of "The Dezert People" when Klaus and John first put it together. I think it has more than proven its point keeping people accountable for their comments/ responses, and has made all of us a much closer community than we were ever before!

I know alot of first-timers (as well as all us vets) really dig the site, and I'm proud to have John and Klaus as my freinds.

BTW, how about a good get-together @ Primm? We'll be busy with the MM Bash video, but there ARE 24 hours in the day.....


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SHOCKS.COM, as my non-desert racing roommates call it, is the first thing i go to everytime i'm on the internet. i'm a super newbie in this sport, but this site has given me advice and ideas that have helped me greatly in the build up of my own truck and knowledge of the sport. heck, my truck was built from the classified section!!! i don't know what i'd do without it for my daily fix of off road racing stuff......Klaus and John are doing a great thing here-when we all plan up the next gathering, there's a beer on me in it for both of ya.....

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