ProStadium..Opinions anybody?!


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OK since nobody wants to comment maybe this will get something going. Did everybody go check out their website yet? Who would you like to see as the celeb drivers?(Ted Nugent?) Is anybody on this forum planning on getting into this series?


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I hope someone starts a stadium series again. The only way for a promoter to successfully attract racers is to pay appearance money. I was at one of the original MTEG meetings and Mickey Thompson was telling us to bear with him and eventually there would be purses including part of the gate fee.
This never happened and entries dropped more and more each year. Its a proven fact racers will race for they're own dollars, but for how long? Monster truck racers make more for one appearance then MTEG paid for a season championship. Give racers an incentive and they will come. With quality racing you will fill seats.
Just my 2 cents


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It would be nice to see a tenitive schedule.
Not living in so-cal it would be nice to know were they plan to race.
Only got to see/work the MT series once. But it was great!!!

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