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Protrucks at parker


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I don't know were people there information. As far as I know the protrucks are not going to parker.
They are going to lauflin

Nils Castillo


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From what I understand, Jay (owner of whiplash) made an announcement to everyone at the race last weekend that the Protrucks were in fact going to be in Parker for sure. I guess Ivan and Sal had a falling out. If I were you I would call Ivan at Protruck and find out straight from the horses mouth. I think all of us are wondering for sure.

PMC Racing
I dont think an announcement was made. we would have already heard about it from Protruck........

The "M" in SMD


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I talked to a buddy last night whose wife is a manager of somesort at Whiplash HQ. According to him, she took the call personally yesterday from ProTruck saying they were coming to Parker. Who knows......

Todd Z.


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Talked to Ron at Protruck today said this was a rumor and that they had 17 trucks comited to Laughlin.

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Right or wrong, true or not, Jay @ Whiplash did say "Ivan called, he's bringing the Protrucks to Parker."
All I am saying is that Jay said this. (I believe Kurt reported this 2 days ago in a different thread.)
Kurt and I were there.


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i talked to someone at whiplash yesterday and she told me that ivan said he was bringing 20 pro trucks to parker. while i was at it i asked about rg , and she said that larry ragland told them that robby was going to race parker. i guess we will just have to wait and see cuz last year everybody said the herbsts were going to parker and they did not show up.