Protrucks on OLN


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How did you like the Protruck TV shows?

If you want “Ivan Stewarts Protruck Race Series” to keep running, email us and let us know what you think. The Outdoor Life Network needs feedback! Off-Road racing needs to be on TV! Please send your comments to PRO:, Fax (619) 390-6470 or OLN: email - fax (203) 406-2530.

The Outdoor Life Network, the leader in adventure television Challenge broadcasts Protruck TV to over 53 million cable viewers! All episodes will have multiple primetime airings, including more just added! Be sure to keep your TV locked to OLN for these awesome shows.

Laughlin Challenge
5/01/2003 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern
5/02/2003 10pm Pacific, 1aEastern
5/06/2003 7pm Pacific, 1am Eastern
5/07/2003 10pm Pacific, 1am Eastern

Parker 425
5/08/2003 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern
5/09/2003 10pm Pacific, 1am Eastern
5/27/2003 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern
5/28/2003 10pm Pacific, 1am Eastern

Terrible’s Town 250
5/22/2003 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern
5/23/2003 10pm Pacific, 1am Eastern

Baja 500
6/26/2003 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern

For more information on the Protruck Race Series, visit And for specific information relating to the television broadcast, contact Steve Weiss at or at 303-880-7221.