PS2 Problem


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My brother and I both have Playstation 2's. On both consoles about 75% of the time we put games in or dvd's in and it comes up and says "Disc Read Error". I doesnt matter what game it is, even on brand new games it has said that. Just wondering if anyone else is or has had that problem, and how to fix it.

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Haven't had that problem myself, but I'm thinking maybe your PS2 is dirty? I don't know if they make a cleaning kit for it but I would try that first. If that doesn't work, and you can't get any help here try posting on video game boards, like, etc.


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DO you hit reset after you put the game in? Mine will not play unless I hit reset after I insert the game...or maybe I am too impatient to let it load.

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any CD/DVD player cleaner will work in your PS2. this may be the problem, or the beam is mis-aligned. that's a real bad thing, but it'd only be that if it had been tossed around or beat up.

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