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What games do you guys recomend for a playstation 2. I jsut bought one last night and dont kknow what to buy. Ohh ya I already bought Gran Turismo 3 and its bitchen.



I played driver on good old cheap to buy new hardware ;-)


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The only game cool racing game I have other than GT3 & GT2 is 4x4 Evo. It has all sorts of cool trucks, and you can customize them and stuff. You can even get Ivan's Tundra and Raglands Trailblazer.


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In my opinion, ATV Off Road Fury is a must have. That game is similiar to Motocross Madness. ( so I am told) Graphics on ATV are way cool, riding physics are awesome.

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<pre>Here's my review of the games I have.
ATV Off-Road Fury ** Must Have. Buy it immediately. Great handling, great graphics.
4x4 EVO ** Similar to GT3 how you build up your vehicles, race to win $$$,
but lacks in the handling department, especially when compared
to GT3. Good graphics.
Tokyo Extreme Racer ** Stay away. Can't even touch GT3, ever! Bad handling, Good
Moto GP ** Good overall streetbike game. But only worth it if you love GP
racing. Very realistic handling. OK graphics.
Smuggler's Run ** Very fun game. Challenging. Lacks in the graphics department,
good handling.
Midnight Club ** Only worthwhile part is racing the buggy from Smuggler's Run
through the streets.
TimeSplitters ** Great shoot em up game! Very fast, great control, great graphics.

Games to get in the near future.
Smuggler's Run 2
Metal Gear Solid 2, Sons of Liberty



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Nascar 2001 is an awesome game. I can spend hours playing that game against other people. It is especially great at like partys and stuff were you can keep racing other people in short 8 lap races. I guess there is a new NASCAR game out as well but havent heard anything on it yet. Buy GT3, and ATV Quad Fury first though. Those are must haves.