Pumpkin Carving Contest | $350 in Prizes


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You guys want to win $200 Visa gift card? Well this new contest is definitely a fun one to join! It's time to show off your amazing pumpkin carving skills. With our pumpkin carving contest, all you have to do is snap a really good picture of your pumpkin carving, post it to Instagram, and use the hashtag #RuggedPumpkin

Make sure to use the hashtag as that's how we're keeping track of the submissions. Be sure to submit prior to October 24th. On that day, finalist will be chosen and placed onto our website. From there, everyone will get to choose from the finalist who they think deserves the prizes. This contest is available to ANYONE (Private Instagram accounts will not be eligible as photos will not display in hashtag search). Have fun and lets see those masterpieces!