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Well, well, well. The UTV Classes at this past weekend's Vegas-2-Reno race faired very well...
Critics have been claiming that these over-sized "Golf-Karts" get in the way of "real" off-road racers. I say bunk X 10!!! Most of you don't know what you are talking about.

Here are some very interesting statistics:
1. According to the unofficial results, there were 274 entries and there were 109 UTV entries that started the race.
2. That's 44% of all classes in the V2R race. I don't believe there was ever that high of a percentage in one class in off-road racing, that's including (back in the day) when we used to get about 78 entries in Class 10 at the Mint or Parker "400" races
3. UTVs are the Biggest Class in the sport for the past three or four years...by far. Certainly the biggest class in BITD & SCORE
4. At V2R, 61% of all UTVs entered, in the longest race in the United States, FINISHED!!! That is just incredible.
5. This next one should convince you the power of these so-called "Golf Karts on steroid" have and its driver's capabilities...
a.) Placing 40th Overall was the first UTV of Phil Burton from Loomis, CA, finishing the event in 10:24:25 hrs. That's after they started at least 2 hours behind 47 Trophy Trucks!
b.) And just two OA spots & 1 min. from the first Overall UTV, and in 43rd Overall was the UTV of Jacob Carver, Prescott Valley, AZ!
6. The first Overall was on a Can-Am Turbo and 2nd Overall was a Polaris Turbo. What's this about Turbos not being good for the desert???
7. The Overal UTV beat 13 other Classes that started before them, including many cars in Classes 5, 5-16, 6, 7, 8, ...
8. Lastly; you can go to your nearest dealer and buy a UTV off the showroom floor and race it. Moreover, if your pocketbook allows it, you can plonk down enough $$$ to make your UTV one of the best and fastest racing machines. Where else in our sport can you do that? Just say'n.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL 109 UTVs FOR GIVING IT A SOLID TRY! Way to fo Phil and Jacob and crews!


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"7. The Overal UTV beat 13 other Classes that started before them, including many cars in Classes 5, 5-16, 6, 7, 8, ..."
I believe you are mistaken, #7209 finished 37th overall, ahead of the 1st UTV.

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Love them or hate them, UTV's have brought a lot more attention to our sports of off road. The days of what win on Sunday sells on Monday are back. Similar to NASCAR in the 60's... Manufacture $$$ is here and is only going to grow in larger sums. IMO Unlimited off road race cars should start sporting body styles that resemble UTV's, rather then replicating pick up trucks. (RJ Anderson is already doing this with his race trucks in short course.) I think this is smart considering the Big 3 isn't spending much in off road anymore. These "golf karts" have quickly become the Swiss Army knife of the off road scene. You can travel over any terrain quickly and have a commonality with the professionals. Having unlimited race cars replicate UTV will attract more people / spectators to the sport thus driving more sells then it already has.


Doesn't UTV's have their own "Forum" :rolleyes:
Well, this sub-forum is "desert racing" of which UTV's comprise the majority of so yes, technically this could be considered a UTV forum too lol... Of course, common sense would dictate that if you don't like reading about UTV's, then don't click on a thread with UTV's in the title. Like it or not, UTV's are bringing more press, sponsorship dollars, and support for desert racing than any other class in recent history.


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I'm not against UTVs, but found it interesting OP stats are as if UTVs are all in one class, while there were actually four classes of UTVs.
Granted, the numbers in UTV Pro (38) and UTV Turbo (61) are awesome.
However, based on published BITD finish results, the numbers are:
359 total race starters, 234 finishers = 65% total finish rate of all starters.
108 UTVs started the race, 65 finished = 60% finish rate for the UTVs.
Vegas to Reno typically does enjoy a better finish rate than most of the other major desert races, but these numbers are still pretty impressive.


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Was the little single seat UTV a Polaris Ace? Looked like it started with the bikes. Curious how it did.


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The UTV’s are a great help for the sport! What cracks me up is back before the Rzr was invented I bought a Polaris ranger from my dealer. He asked why I was buying it, I said “to go out 4 wheeling and rip around on”. He laughed and said no one does that.

Guess I had the right idea!

At V2R didn’t have any issues with any UTVs blocking us. The ones we passed moved over with no incident. Granted I run a trophylite so we aren’t going 130, but still.

One thing about UTV’s,....I see a lot of them busted on the course. Faster than some of the trucks...yes, but defiantly not as tough.


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Was the little single seat UTV a Polaris Ace? Looked like it started with the bikes. Curious how it did.
ACE 900 - As it is essentially a Polaris Sportsman, they ran it with the quads. He finished, 12 hours and 49 minutes. The other guy in his class was several hours behind him.