quad vs. hardin

coming down goat trail about 3 years ago.
sorry for the crappy scan. Anyways, the quad was working its way down the trail and Hardin came flying down it, he didnt even slow for the quad. I was barely working my way up the trail when this happened so i grabbed my photo camera instead of my video. Anyways, the quad moved over but it wasnt enough for the hardin boys. The quad did a pretty cool sumersault as the rider jumped off and onto the ledge. The Hardin's just kept on motoring by and the quad guy literally picked up the pieces and limped his bike down the trail. The cuy was ok but the bike wasnt.



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I can barely make out the picture, but is that the quad in the air in the left hand corner ? Scary!



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Do you remember if they hit those rocks they're aboutto clip with the right front? Did they hit the quad or did the guy bail off the course because he didn't want to be a hood ornament? I could swear there is still plenty of course on the left side to miss the guy!

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that's what i was thinking too. it almost looks they tried to hit the quad. but sometimes the truck just doesn't go exactly where you aim it.

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I dont remember EXACTLY how it happened but from where i was at it seemed like they didnt even tap their brakes. As it was happening i couldnt believe it and i started to run up there to see if the quad guy was ok (he was) and almost got ran over in the process.
I dont have any photos of the quad (up close) but it was just barely rideable.



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I respect the fact that Quads and motorcycles have as much right to race as Buggies and trucks. Butttt this 25 year old traditon of running quads and bikes in front of Trucks and Buggies that are going 10x faster than when this tradition began is insane. If we don't figure out a new format we are going to keep killing and maining people like the trajedy that happened in San Felipe (David Bills may you rest in peace). This pict. is in the past but still Hardin is a Class 7 (I think) so this means this Quad was caught by a multitude of Trucks and Buggies that made 3-4 hours up on them! This quad rider should have called it a day long before the goat trail! I have followed Bikes ands Quads for miles and miles and they never look back and this is after they have already been passed by at least 20 faster buggies and trucks than me. Also it seems that no matter how much they harp on it at the drivers meet quad and bike riders are famous for pulling over for a truck and buggy and not thinking or looking to make sure there is not a 2nd or 3rd car or truck right behind in the 1st guys dust.