Quality vs. Quantity.


A boutique vs. a superstore. A restaurant vs. a fast food chain. You all know and value the difference. The same applies to this message board. As the amount of posts and posters goes up the quality of content doesn't.

When we started this message board we had the dream of race drivers, teams, crew, spectators and everyone involved coming together in cyber space and discussing desert racing related issues. This is partially happening. Unfortunaly some of you abuse the posting privileges by commenting on every subject. "right on !", "good job xyz", "me too", "noise noise noise". Bystanders turn into experts and experts turn into observers where we would rather have them be participants in our discussions. If you have no direct knowledge of a subject your comment is nothing but your opinion and you should ask yourself if it really needs to be shared with the world. "I heard it works" or "just do it..." doesn't help in a technical discussion.

If you are posting more then seven times per week ask yourself how valuable your posts are ? Good chance they aren't.

If your posts are directed more to one person then the group consider using e-mail, private messages or the telephone to send your message to its target. Most of us don't care about what you are posting.

Some of us use a modem to connect to the internet. Seeing 10 new replies on a subject first seems exciting but often we get disappointed to see the same "experts" just commenting on everything. What a waste of valuable time and bandwidth.

If you post pictures or text that makes you wonder if we'll remove it, simply don't post it. If you feel there is a slight chance that your post might be of bad taste, then it is.

Competition, video makers ! race-dezert.com is the place to share information such as the announcement of your new video, the posting of your latest picture gallery, race coverage and what not, but unless you see our staff post on your site soliciting traffic to our site, don't do the same. Buy advertising space or post for free in the Industry News section. Established in 1999 we have spent a lot of money and time to make the site what it is today. We are not giving away free meals.

The "who is who" of off-road racing is reading this message board, but sometimes won't get involved because its easy to get burned on your posts. They have more at stake and don't want your childish comments to de-value their voice. We feel that once the content quality of this message board is up they can't afford not to get involved. Let's make it happen.

We don't want to come of as the internet Gestapo but rather as a host that directs the outcome of a party. If you feel offended start changing your posting patterns.

Thanx for your time reading this.