Quality vs. Quantity.

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A boutique vs. a superstore. A restaurant vs. a fast food chain. You all know and value the difference. The same applies to this message board. As the amount of posts and posters goes up the quality of content doesn't.

When we started this message board we had the dream of race drivers, teams, crew, spectators and everyone involved coming together in cyber space and discussing desert racing related issues. This is partially happening. Unfortunaly some of you abuse the posting privileges by commenting on every subject. "right on !", "good job xyz", "me too", "noise noise noise". Bystanders turn into experts and experts turn into observers where we would rather have them be participants in our discussions. If you have no direct knowledge of a subject your comment is nothing but your opinion and you should ask yourself if it really needs to be shared with the world. "I heard it works" or "just do it..." doesn't help in a technical discussion.

If you are posting more then seven times per week ask yourself how valuable your posts are ? Good chance they aren't.

If your posts are directed more to one person then the group consider using e-mail, private messages or the telephone to send your message to its target. Most of us don't care about what you are posting.

Some of us use a modem to connect to the internet. Seeing 10 new replies on a subject first seems exciting but often we get disappointed to see the same "experts" just commenting on everything. What a waste of valuable time and bandwidth.

If you post pictures or text that makes you wonder if we'll remove it, simply don't post it. If you feel there is a slight chance that your post might be of bad taste, then it is.

Competition, video makers ! race-dezert.com is the place to share information such as the announcement of your new video, the posting of your latest picture gallery, race coverage and what not, but unless you see our staff post on your site soliciting traffic to our site, don't do the same. Buy advertising space or post for free in the Industry News section. Established in 1999 we have spent a lot of money and time to make the site what it is today. We are not giving away free meals.

The "who is who" of off-road racing is reading this message board, but sometimes won't get involved because its easy to get burned on your posts. They have more at stake and don't want your childish comments to de-value their voice. We feel that once the content quality of this message board is up they can't afford not to get involved. Let's make it happen.

We don't want to come of as the internet Gestapo but rather as a host that directs the outcome of a party. If you feel offended start changing your posting patterns.

Thanx for your time reading this.


Krittro Campbell
I know that I am one to comment on a lot of things here on RDC, but if you really didn't want more unimportant or non off road related posts...why the "whatever general discussion" area with a sub heading of "anything you would like to share with the world" seems kind of misleading.

I think this website is great and have met many cool people and made many new friends. I like to see all posts regardless of content...actually, almost regardless....the Dumb and Dumber gab that was going on was retarded, but I just chose not to read it.

I think that there are several people with large amounts of experience on this board, but most are nameless in their profile and are therefore going to be belittled when a comment is made that sounds like they are "Mr. all knowing". I do not like to hear someone rattle on about how bad ass this is, or how bad ass that is, or you dont knwo what you are talking about, or how all we need to do is this, or how this is the way it should be, or I know everything so listen to me,...it's a sport and everybody has different opinions and ways of doing things, but when a name is not backing an opinion, especially a STRONG OPINION or trash talking, it has no value on this board. I know one name comes to mind right off the bat and is somebody who has ran their mouth numerous times but will not put their name to their profile. It kind of upsets me that this person not only does not have their name in their profile, but is protected by the staff of this board...John/Klaus you know who I am referring to...I have asked you for his name a few tiems and it went ignored and then I was told it was to be kept confideantial.

I have around 800 posts since I have joined this board and I have almost 300 PM's so I would say that I do like and appreciate people keeping things personal that should be personal.

Well that's my opinion and thanks for the board guys..keep up the good work. Although I do not plug any of my websites directly on here I do fly a banner on EVERY SINGLE page of my race team's website for the RDC crew. You guys do a good service and as JB already knows, I am more then willing to help out when needed.

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Offended ???? Yes !!!!!! Who's the Gestapo Klaus ???? All this board is the same 20 to 25 guys posting their 2 cents !!!!!!! Comments like..... If you are posting more then seven times per week ask yourself how valuable your posts are ? Chance's they aren't..... Well Klaus, that cured me of ever coming on this board again. I get enough race information with the team I Pit Support for !!!!!!!! Therefore I'm never commenting here again, and I'm telling all of my buds on here to do so also.... I wonder what would happen if all the RDC members..... nevermind it doesn't matter!!!!!!!!
P.S.>>>> Get some quality and give Seans quantity of tapes back !!!!! YOU know what I'm talking about, the one's he let you BORROW over a year ago !!!!!!!!


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Hmmm? Be nice kids. Kluas is trying to bring a level of Quality to the board. Dont take it personal. All of us tend to use this board the chit chat or bench racing.... All he is asking is to keep that to a minimun. i havent posted on this board as much as I use to becuse it seems to me that it is become more of a club then an info board.



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I could blast my unpopular opinion (exactly that most of the time too) all over this one but I have had a tendency to get deleted in the past so lets try a subtle approach.

1) It’s a message board. And opinions are what you get when you have a public board. If you don’t want opinion, then don’t allow posters. If you only want true experts then only give those whom you view as an “expert” the privilege to post. In my opinion, the cricket chirping sound would be overwhelming in less than a week. The opinions, like them or not, are what make a board work.
2) Free lunch, well I can see your point on this one but less just say the rules need to apply “across the board” if you know what I mean.
3) As for my videos…. I e-mailed you.
4) Like I said, JMO. But MO seems to be the problem so… nevermind.

Sean</font color=red>


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Ever want to ask a question that some will call stupid? I never had that feeling here before, now I do.


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Reread Klaus' post. I don't believe the intent is to stop people from asking questions. That is what makes this board both fun and informative. I think the intent is to reduce the idle chit chat and meaningless comments that seem to appear at times in inappropriate threads.


Its hard to keep everyone happy. BradM hit the nail right on his head. We just want to eliminate the idle chit-chat. It prohibits others from posting whoes input we are seeking.


I feel Klaus is refering to is the joking comments or little bits of banter on this site that is taking up more space than the more "genuine" information that this board was originally designed for. I would like to say that at some point we ALL ARE GUILTY of doing this...even the administrators of this board! This board is a fun place to get information regarding a sport we all love. I have gained significant knowledge on many subjects thanks to this board.

Personally, I enjoy the comments like "you need to change your blinker fluid" or "muffler bearing needs changing" or my favorite "piston return spring". I feel it adds a little flavor to this site and that is the kind of person I am. I enjoy chuckling about Dumb and Dumber after I have read a post about someone's stolen bedsides. Yeah it sucks that happened but the original poster was talking about "taking care" of the person at the jump contest (this conversation I was poking fun at). Do you want that quality on your site also??? No offense General, just making a point. Also, I agree that there are only a few people posting here maybe 30 or so. I see some new names here and there but not all of them stick around.

If it is quality you want Klaus then you need to set some guidelines as metioned above by another poster. I value your willingness to communicate with the members on this board. However, I have a problem with the statement about more than seven posts a week. This is a public forum that you have graciously provided (which I thank you for doing) but I feel the members of this board have done a decent job in discussing relevant topics and not getting to out of hand with their comments. I see other boards out there that are filled with bad language, derogatory comments, racial crap, and down right stupidity. I don't feel that way with RDC. I think after the "change" this site is improved 10-fold.

Bottome line - If what you want is something other than what this board has become then change your policies regarding the usage of this site. If I can contribute more on this topic I will if needed. Let's not bash the owner of this site but rather discuss the road ahead if you want it to change. Thanks for your time!!!



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WRC (Sean) is right. When you have an open message board you cannot stop opinion. I you want a place for professional opinion, you read a magazine. Don't get me wrong, I wish the novice opinion was gone, along with "chit-chat", but that comes along with an open board. So the positives of this site outway the negatives. You are doing a good job Klaus, but don't try and regulate, because it will turn people away.

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I agree with Kreg and BradM (and obviously Klaus). Sometimes it's like a bunch of static! And we have all violated the guidelines. Klaus is trying to tell us something, let's see what we can do.

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Fans are the people that don't have a million bucks in their bank account, they are the people that drive for 8 hours to the middle of now-where to catch a glimpse of a truck for half a minute (at best) as it goes barreling by at 100MPH only to disappear again back into the dust from whence it came. Fans often don't posses the technical knowledge it takes to build a 800 hp motor that can run in the silt all day or the geometry it takes to build a proper four-link setup. We sure think we do sometimes, and like to share with others our self perceived expertise, but we do know and appreciate the beauty of those things. My impression of this sight up until now was that this sight was for the fans. Now I know that your primary goal is not a place for the fans to enjoy the camaraderie shared by people that have similar interest (which includes mindless chit-chat). Your primary goal is information. You envision a sight where secret cars are unveiled, where the promoters leak new rules, where vendors release their new products that are going to market. A place where big names get together and talk about new alliances within the various classes among the various organizations, which is understandable since you pay the bills. I stand corrected and will curtail the chit-chat that I have posted in the past, no I probably wont post anymore at all unless I have a direct and specific question, no big deal I'm know my banter won't be missed. Hope your goals are achieved and you guys become the biggest sight on the internet for off road racings biggest big shots.


maybe i`m just a jack[censored] for saying thos, but if this is for tech only, i think alot of post should be taken out "WHO ARE YOU?" that all should be taken out and not remain at the top of the page, that is not TECH> Whatever - General Discussion anything you would like to share with the world
this board then needs to be taken out, and when you get right down to it, just about every post needs to be taken out, afterall, "If your posts are directed more to one person then the group consider using e-mail, private messages or the telephone to send your message to its target. Most of us don't care about what you are posting" dose that mean do not anwser any ones question? when you post to a question that is to one person.......and no one cares what you question is?....well unless your truck says, herberst, robby gordon, durlast, rivera etc on the side of it?........

I guess my bank acount is not big enuff ethier, to post here no longer (not that really ever have) but sounds to me this board is only for certian butt kisser`s now......austa


I guess I'll chime in here.

Everyone that has responded to this post has made some good comments. My personal opinion is that all the small talk, "chit chat", and little comments are what give this website and message board personality. Like a previous post mentioned, you only really see about 20-25 regular people on this board. Take them away and you'll just have dead air.

A message board is a place to share opinions freely. If you want a place where only the "experts" post on topics then where will any new ideas come from? Who's to say an expert will have the answer? I think one of the good things about this board is that well known racers (Steinberg), fabricators (Jerry, Kreg) and other people in the industry (myself...well ok...) chime in with their knowledge to help the little person out (ok thats where I am).

I think the best solution was to put in the "Whatever" section. If you don't want to read all the small talk then don't view any of the posts in it. You can't stop people from expressing their opinions though, and if someone puts in their two cents or says goodjob its not hurting the website, its owners or the sport. The only thing it does is give rd.com personality.

Well, I believe this is post #7 so i'll see you guys next week ;-).

Thanks for taking the time to read this,
Lloyd & Harry


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I thought the dumb and dumder thing was a bit much but what the hay. The board is still a great place. Hopefully it will remian that way if some of the people here relax a little. Jeez you guys are touchy. Now I think I still have two or three post left for the week, Who to annoy?????


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I would still assume that part of this board is for the fans. I would also assume that the RDC boyz are trying to have a place where the players and the fans can interact. There aren't many places where this can happen. But this would not be their only goal. I'm sure they would like the players to participate and interact more also. But there needs to be room for all, and it's not just a matter of megabytes.

Your comments regarding technical knowledge are not even close to being fair. This kind of knowledge is learned the hard way, and there are no shortcuts. The experienced ones who share it here did not have any board to look at and ask questions or get useful tips, and literally cut years off the learning process. When someone asks a question they are often bombarded by: "I think if...", "I saw one time...", "If it were mine...", "I'm just guessing, but...". If you really know, throw it out there and be helpful, but if you don't, sit back and listen or let it pass. Everyone has opinions about everything. But posting of opinions should be avoided unless the original post invited it. It's also ironic how a question will go for two days with not one reply. Then people jump on the one who finally tries to answer it.

What you describe as a "primary goal" is the opposite extreme of what it is now, and very likely will never happen. I think Klaus is asking for something in between.

With as many people as there is here now, we should only post when we have a direct or specific question or relevant comment. Most have done this from the beginning. Who cares and who knows, who or what, a big shot is? They're here but they're not babbling.

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who knows what is really going on? ... i was under the impression this board WAS for everyone to use as long as they kept subject matter in hand and didn't turn it into a porno site. to all who read the post previous to my edit, please understand i probably should have dealt with this in a different way. it is a matter i was going to let go, but i felt there was some societal manipulation occuring and i am one to attack anyone who makes blanket statements and accusations. this has happened a couple times and it just pissed me off so i took a cheap shot.


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Understood Martin (and yes I did see it all). I still think (and hope) the board is for everyone to use. If it's not, I don't want to be here either. I'm certainly not taking sides with anyone on a personal or private level, just the one on over babbling by a relative few.

<font color=orange>The best ideas are the ones that look obvious to the casual observer.</font color=orange>