Question & Answer session with TrophyKart

We recently sat down with TrophyKart after hearing about their involvement with Fuel TV's new Octane Academy show and asked for some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about TrophyKarts.
If any of you guys have any other questions, feel free to post on this thread.

1. Q: Can I put a Hayabusa engine in it?
A: The new TrophyKart RS models come with either a 450cc 52hp water cooled engine, or a 200cc 18hp aircooled engine. However, YOU are more than able to try and put whatever you want into it. Any engine installed of larger than factory size will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Now that being said, think about power to weight ratios and realize that today’s newest generations of TrophyKarts are pushing upwards of 90mph. What good is 200HP in a TrophyKart if you can’t get it hook up? Why do you think we work so hard to develop the suspension and powertrain the way that we do?
We put the power where it counts and the results speak for themselves.

2. Q: How fast does it go?
A: Really Fast! The new RS450 will do upwards of 90mph.

3. Q: Will it go in the sand?
A: Hell yeah! Put some paddles on it and go race your buddy’s UTV!

4. Q: What’s the biggest motor I can put in my TrophyKart.
A: YOU can put whatever you want in it. The largest engine that we provide currently to our customers is a 450cc ATV based engine.

5. Q: I’m Andre the Giant, can I fit in it?
A: Our new RS450 has been designed with more headroom than a full size Toyota Tundra. If you have a 40” waist or larger, we may need to put a custom order seat into the vehicle for you.

6. Q: How much does it cost?
A: Well currently the RS450 retails for $17250 Turn Key.
The RS200 which is more geared toward a kids market is $10560 with the 4130/Performance Race upgrade package for an additional $1690. (This upgrade is for a 4130 vs. mild steel chassis. Along with the addition of front brakes, and rear bumper.)

7. Q: Do you have a two seater?
A: Not at this time. However we are always cooking up some new wild idea, so you never know what the next evolution of TrophyKart may be.

8. Q: Where can I drive it?
A: Google Earth, check it out……….. use your imagination………………
On a serious note, TrophyKarts are meant to driven off road only. Many motorcross tracks and OHV parks are open to TrophyKart drivers, as well as the east &west coast racing series that are currently in place.

9. Q: Will you sell me plans for it?
A: Hmmmm………….. years of hard work, design, innovation, busted knuckles, and welding burns……… oh hell yeah! Let me just pry open the doors to the imagination vault and just place the fruits of our hard work in your hands. If you call us and ask to buy plans, for $145.00 I will sell you a very nice envelope marked “PLANS” with a substantial packet of high quality paper inside that you can then use to draw your own.

10. Q: Can I buy a TrophyKart direct or do I have to go through a dealer to purchase my new RS450, etc…………………
A: Yes you can, though in some cases it would probably be better to try and purchase from your closest dealer. You would most likely receive more direct service and ease of access to pick up purchases.

11. Q: Can I just buy the frame? I think that I can build the rest of it by myself.
A: Absolutely! We will sell you just the frame or the frame and suspension. Or just parts. Be sure to check out the online parts catalog @ coming soon!

12. Q: What is the difference between the new RS450 and the 450 Mod kart?
A: The RS450 is a much larger car geared towards the adult driver. It has a door, longer wheel base, and a lot more leg and headroom. It is also built as a more dual purpose desert racing platform. The 450 Mod kart was designed and built exclusively for the demands and rigors of short course offroad racing. Ride height on the Mod kart is 6” for example vs. 10” on the RS450. The Mod kart is also not very user friendly for you bigger guys out there. And it is difficult to climb into it through that front windshield. If you think that you would be a good fit in a new RS450 feel free to stop by and see us at the races, sit in it and see for yourself.

13. Q: Do you make one for adults?
A: Yes……… Didn’t we just answer that?.

14. Q: Do you make one for kids still?
A: Yes……… Our RS200 is specifically geared towards kids ages 8-12. The RS was designed with a modular floor mount system for ease of pedal relocation and seat height adjustment. Current production of the JR1, and JR2 models are on a custom built basis only. (Call for details)

15. Q: I heard it’s made in China now. Is that why you’re able to sell it for such a reasonable price?
A: No. This is an American made and assembled product, right here in Southern California. You’re welcome to stop by and see how we build the new RS karts.

16. Q: What motor is it?
A: The motor is our new RS450 stroker motor. It was designed and patterned after the Suzuki LTR450, with more low end torque. 52hp in stock trim, or about 57hp with the addition of a flat slide carb. More than plenty when you’re hitting the top of third gear floating through the whoops, “gettin it, like Dale Jr.” ! It’s all about putting the power to the ground baby!

17. Q: Will the new RS kart fit in the back of my pickup truck?
A: Yes, If you have a long bed pickup the RS will fit nicely. Anything shorter and the tires will be hanging off of the end of the tailgate.

18. Q: What kind of suspension does it have?
A: At TrophyKart, we have built our reputation by building the best in class suspension on the market. Fully adjustable, billet aircraft aluminum upper and lower a-arms, Walker Evans rebuildable race shocks, quick ratio rack and pinion steering, billet trailing arms and full floater racing rear end package putting the power to the ground.

19. Q: How much are bodies?
A: The new RS bodies are $1560 for the complete body kit. Replacement bedsides are $143 ea.

20. Q: Where can I race it?
A: TrophyKart currently has race programs in place with the Lucas Oil Off Road racing series, Lucas Oil Off Road Regionals, New England ATV (NEATV), Approvals with CAMS in Australia, and we are currently negotiating the integration of TrophyKarts into the High Desert Racing Assoc. (HDRA) race program.

21. Q: What kind of maintenance should I expect to do on my TrophyKart to keep it in top shape.
A: Todays new TrophyKarts are nothing like the TrophyKarts of a few years ago. Maintenance on the new RS karts is minimal. After a season you may find yourself replacing the drive chain and sprocket, air filter, chain tensioner rollers, adjusting the valves, and keeping fresh oil in the engine. Pretty much the same as any ATV. For those of you racing your new RS450’s, after any season of hard racing, TrophyKart recommends replacing all the bearings and seals throughout the suspension and drivetrain.

22. Q: I’ve got a sweet set of tools and a welder in my garage, I was thinking about building a cool project with my son over the summer. Can I just buy some parts, like your A-arms, or spindles and a set of wheels?
A: Definitely, we can set you up with all kinds of cool parts to build your custom project. We’ve already done all the hard part of figuring out what is going to last, and hold up to the abuses of racing! So if you want to save yourself some work and build a project that is going to last, be sure to check out our website and the online parts catalog that is coming soon!

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That definitely answered a few questions I had thank you.


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By the way, I'm starting a donate $10 to Bob getting an RS450 fund, If I can just get 1700 people to donate $10 bucks (it's only $10 bucks) I can definitely handle the remaining $250. Who's gonna be my first taker?


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Trophy kart has moved so many times. I heard they are now in Riverside in huge building and distributor somewhere in Florida? Where in Riverside?