Question on class 8

Ozzie M

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On the bitd rulebook it says how if you have cut the front frame rails or cut any support between frame rails out your pretty much not allowed to race it can you weld your own suppport in? or is there any way around it and actually be race legal or do you just have to buy a new stock chasis and switch everything over?Thanks


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I asked pretty much the same question a couple of months ago. I didnt really get an answer, so I emailed tech for both score and bitd and never got a response. what i understand is that if it is riveted to the frame rails it can come off, if it is welded it cant. confirmation on this assumption please, somebody!?


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i dont think you can modifiy anything on the frame but there are ways around it im sure like welding and sanding and doing sneaky stuff


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You can take out the stock cross members. The most important thing is the rails themselves. At the front you can cut 8 inches off the bottom, but none off the top, making about a 30° angle slice. In the back BITD allows the rail to be notched for axle clearance, but score does not.