Question- Transaxle - CV's - Shifting Issue?


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Hi, I just upgraded from a 002 3 rib high performance trans to a new 091 6 rib in my dual sport buggy

It was a bunch of work because my car has an Ecotec motor and I had undo all kinds of stuff to pull the motor
Anyway I was having problems getting the shifter right because it needs a little longer shift rod
It's still not right but it goes in all the gears
At the same time I did a torsion delete and put in some coil overs
My CV's were already clicking at only 18 degrees before and now I'm at 22 degrees and the clicking is a lot worse
So I took it for a test drive around the block coz I was anxious to see the new gearing and the clicking got worse and now it sounds the whole world coming apart back there
I don't know if it's CV's or the new trans (the shifter is not adjusted great) but it sounds bad and getting worse and that was only a half mile trip
I really don't want to pull that motor again, it took three weekends to complete and a bunch of money and I wanted to take it out this weekend... fat chance now
What do you think?



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If the CV's were clicking (binding) at 18 deg. and you ran them at 22 deg., they may well be damaged and grinding themselves into dust at this point. Take them apart and have a look; you'd have to remove them anyway to get the trans. out, so just go ahead and disassemble them before you look further..... Binding CV's also would have transmitted undesirable "bending" loads to the transaxle drive flanges - they're only meant to take torsional loads.........

If you want to run CV's at 22 degrees, you'll need to use the right ones..... Otherwise, use limit straps to keep the ones you're using within their operating range (less than 18 degrees in your case).

Good luck, I hope your transaxle is okay.

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Cv angle looks horrible like everything needs to be moved rearward.
So much attention is often paid to vertical CV angle and nothing even considered to horizontal CV angle.