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Quick Question for all you race junkies


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Any one know where i can get a score rule book for free if not free maybe where i can buy it. Also i am looking into getting into a club being 17 i am really getting into the sport of racing and I think a club can help me out if you guys know any could you supply maybe a number or a web adress thanks alot


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I know you can get them at McKenzie's in Anahiem 714-441-1212. Im not sure if Kartek has them, they probably do, but I know for sure I've seen them at McKenzie's. Hope that helps.


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Dan, <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.score-international.com/rulebook/index.ihtml>click here</A> for the "official" way to get the rule book.

As for clubs, I don't know where you live, but the Inland PreRunners seem to have it all goin' on. Contact user name "JenDiggityDirt" for more details.


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The Inland PreRunners are having a meeting this sun check out their web for info. www.prerunners.com</A>

Are go to the next race and just walk into some pits. You will find that almost all of them are more than willing to talk and show you their car. We will be their, stop bye, we'll be in a trailer with "motion tire motorsports" on the side.


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BITD has a rule book online for free, and you can print it off. It has all the classes, even class 9 that does not run in BITD. The only thing they dont have is class 11 I think. The rules are the same rules as in SCORE, so this should do the trick.


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Dan, your best way to get into racing is by going to a race, find a team that's close to where you live, ask the owner if they need a flunky, and work and learn......when you paid your dues, then you'll be a racer....
i have a score rule book that i'll give you....1999-2001
if you live near hemet, you can start here..we need a ton of help with the 57 chevy and the class 8 blazer...
we are so backed up that if we do not get some help, no races for a while

when everything is under control, you are going to slow!!!!!