Quick reality check....


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So last night Im watching Southpark at around 11:45pm and Im about to head out the door to get gas for the next day and I hear this super loud SSCCEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR....silence.....THUUUUDDD then I hear the sound of crushing metal and windows breaking. I run onto my balcony and look down the hill about 100ft onto this one not so lit street thats notorious for vehicle accidents. I see some debris and knew this was going to be a major accident just by the sound alone. So I hop in my truck and head around the corner and down the street and find that it was a solo car accident. The vehicle was a 2002 Celica that was sitting on its hood crushed to hell. It litterally looked like there wasnt a top to it. It was crushed down to the base of the window opening and thought to myself 'Holy Hell, what am I going to see when I get out.' I happened to be the first one on the scene so I parked my truck in front of the car so I can see because this street was hilly and had no street lights, then I called the cops. At this point Im trippin out because I was expecting to see blood everywhere and no movement but heard and saw the two guys trying to get out. The windshield had the most opening for exiting this tin can so I try my best to help these people out. The driver got out of the car unharmed but the passenger was injured. He said that he heard cracking in his neck and could barely move it and he was cut on his head. I told him to just sit there and not move until paramedics arrive. I didnt smell alcohol on their breaths because all I could smell was oils and gas from the flip. By the looks of it, the car rolled about 2 times from the point of impact to where it ended up. Cops and paramedics finally arrived about 6-7 minutes after the time I arrived. I talked to them and went on my way. Hopefully these guys walk away from this one because this was pretty severe. This was an eye opener for sure and could happen to anyone. So please drive careful everyone. Wouldnt want to see this happen to anyone on this board.



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i bet even a cheap jegs roll cage would have helped them out

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Oh man, at the start of reading that I thought you were gonna say someone nailed you're new paint job. At least they survived...

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I was thinking the same thing. That would be my luck finally get my truck complete and it gets smacked in my driveway or something.



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Just seeing accidents and hearing about them make me want to walk everywhere. Anyone remember Turners 7 truck flip over a few years back ? That image is stuck in my head forever. I also saw one of the Stewart F150s(attacment) wreck a few San Felipes ago , that was sad to see that kind of money go bye bye.




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I cant remember the owner of that f-150 but I'm pretty sure he let a friend borrow the truck to go down south a little ways. I think it was on the way back up past the wash outs on that right hand turn he was just a little hot on the gas could'nt make the turn so he went off the edge of the road and rolled the truck. Then he had to explain how he rolled his truck.


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Yep , it was right at that sharp turn, I don't think they believe in guard rails in Baja.



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By the way....I didnt put that quote there. It was there when i saved it from the website.


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"My Dad's got this awsome set of tools. He's a TV repair man, I cun fix it!!!!!! (Spicoli)

Oh man "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", Thats a classic!!


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That truck has been pieced back together to many times.

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glad their alive ..... my luck would have been someone wiping out my truck too.... oh wait !! its happened to me twice!!!

arent ALL fords like that Trav ??? ;)

yes i believe it proly would have been better to straighten it out but we'll never know. i had to blow off the road (4 ft bank atleast) coming out of ojos towards the highway . would have rolled for sure if i would have tried to turn , so i stabbed the gas on my way over the edge and got lucky.