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If the board seems really quiet this weekend. This might be why.. A lot of us have @home cable modems...

[email protected] told to end service

Judge’s ruling could affect about four million Internet users


SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 30 — A U.S. bankruptcy judge ordered [email protected] to shut down its high-speed Internet service at midnight on Friday, a move that could affect about four million subscribers. The ISP could still strike a deal with cable companies to keep service flowing.


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Cable companies that use @home services have too much at stake to let @home just shut down. The Cable co. will step in and take over the @home role and try to keep it transparent to the customer. @home going belly up is not really a bad thing at all for the cable co. It actually opens the door to more opertunity. The sad thing is that the @home side of the business was doing and is doing real good but someone in the company made a decision to buy Excite and it was good at first but caught the .com flu and drained the @home side. I don't forsee the internet connection being just gone but you might see it down during the maintenace window while configuration files are reconfigured and new equipment is brought on line. I would rather suspect the board is slow because everyone is in Vegas for the 200.

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Not to different than any other weekend. This board is always dead on the weekends. With the amount of races run people are always at a race.

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That must be why AOL just added cable modems this week to there ways of connecting. THey probably bought them out.


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Aww... you poor peons with your @HOME access... at least you aren't whining like this guy...

"I was unable to connect via my cable connection and they have left me in the stone age with a backup dialup connection I have," said John Decker, an [email protected] customer in Sacramento, Calif., whose AT&T Broadband service was cut off entirely as of about 7 a.m. PT. "I fell a bit like Osama bin Laden in a cave in Afghanistan."

Do any of you's guys have a quote I can paste showing your ignorance? :)

This is for you COX guys in OC...
Cox Communications spokesperson Susan Leepson said that the cable company had not cut off any service intentionally as part of the contract renegotiations. She said [email protected] and Cox executives planned to go back to the bargaining table Saturday, after a marathon negotiation session Friday.

This is for you Comcast guys in the IE and beyond...
"At this time, round-the-clock negotiations continue with [email protected] and its creditors to prevent any interruption of service," according to an official bulletin from Comcast. "Currently, we are not aware of any planned service interruptions and will update this hotline if the situation changes. We apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused and thank you for your loyalty to Comcast."



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No cable modem, so you feel like Bin Laden in a cave. Give me a break, get a life and go out your front door and look at the sunshine.

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"....left me in the stone age with a backup dialup connection I have,"
Hey now, I resemble that remark. What's wrong with a dial-up ? They're perfect for us cheapskates........

Besides, there's no cable available here. I'd have to get a dish (don't watch much tv either) or go the added expense of DSL. Landlord is too cheap to put in a T1 and wouldn't understand why it was needed anyway.
Several friends were with home. and have bailed, didn't know why until just recently.


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850k people are without RDC tonight. :) Hope I am not next

AT&T Corp. said Saturday that troubled [email protected] Corp. had shut down high-speed cable Internet access used by 850,000 AT&T customers, who would be moved to a new AT&T provider. AT&T said it had already migrated some 86,000 customers in Oregon and Washington to an AT&T Broadband service and would move remaining customers within 10 days.
dial up SUCKS
sure, you save a bit of money doing it that way.. but figure if you have a dedicated phone line and then your internet service charge, you're paying almost at a cable modem. you can't compare the internet / your online "experience" on a dial up with a cable modem / dsl / t1, etc... come to the dark side luke.. ;)


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you know there are still some of us poor smucks out here who can't get either dsl or cable. talk and fred and barny days...

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Well the way I hear it is AT&T tried to buy [email protected] for 307mil and was turned down then excite tried to hold service for ransome for a incredible price and AT&T (who was close to having their own network up and running) told them to piss off so they shut them off. The other companies (who were not as close but are still not far from having their own networks up) paid an unbeliveable price to keep their customers on. you can read the story in print at http://www.marketwatch.com/news/yhoo/story.asp?source=blq/yhoo&siteid=yhoo&dist=yhoo&guid={68F3C47E-F6E1-4D71-B18E-79A743B723E4}

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