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I'm still alive just been real busy with Work,Church,Racing,raising two "Teenage" girls! what more can I add. I heard Mike Hinson lost his Job a few weeks ago so I'm sure that has been his major priority latley! Sorry to hear that " Mike If we can be of any help! let us know what you are doing or looking for as far as job positions. Maybe somone on this site has the right connections to help you find that next job!
Was just thinking about the PRO-900 situation last night. If we want to approch Jim From MORE or some other race Promoter about adding Pro-900 to their schedule this year we need to get things organized! MORE said they would designate their Dec. race a Pro-900 inaugral race if we get plans and info to them as soon as possible! I believe we can do this with out to much trouble, just start advertizing this race to all 9-car drivers and set the guidlines: $100 or 200 extra dollars enters you in the Pro-900 class{money to be managed by Pro-900 people} then run the race, hand out the money,trophy's and points then pass the results over to the 2003 race season.for a combined best out of 3 or 4 race season for the overall points championship! Sounds simple but I know it will take alot of work from alot of positive people! Rob S. #975