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R.I.P. Rick and Jeff Huseman


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Wow could hardly believe it when I saw on FB!!!!....had to immediately come on here to confirm....vey sad day...Rick was a true racers racer...gentleman, and all around nice guy, I remember whatching him back in the 90's in the old GH days smoking everyone and going over to his old shop and hoping someday we'd all make it big! Well he did and he had a great career....RIP Rick....waaaaaaay too early.......you will be missed.....very sad day......


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R.I.P. Rick and Jeff Thanks for always taking the time to speak with me at the races you will truly be missed by all your fellow competitors and the rest of the community

Mary Kay

Wow still in shock. This is such a sad day. When Jeff raced the first season of TORC he kept his truck back here at my father's garage and stayed at our house. He tended to stay a week or so after each race. During this time my whole family fell in love
with Jeff. I rememeber we all fought who would get to cook him lunch. He would work
on his truck for a little while then ride the kids bikes around the yard doing tricks for them. His mother and father would always thank us for taking care of Jeff. It
was a great pleasure getting to know and become friends with Jeff and his family.
Rick and Jeff always had a smile that was warm and welcoming. The world lost two
great people. R.I.P. Jeff and Rick Huseman
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What a sad day in racing. First Dan Wheldon and now Rick, Jeff and their friend. You will be missed Rick! Its going to be a very tough weekend in Vegas in a couple weeks!

Marty Fiolka

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No words are good enough. Rick and Jeff were some of the most talented guys in our Nation. Vaya con Dios my friends...and thank you for a lifetime of memories. Somehow the short course world will never be the same. I think all of us will remember the outright beauty of that black Toyota screaming by at 9,000 rpm...



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My wife was just on the computer and asks me, "Do you know who Rick and Jeff Huseman are...?"

Heartbreaking news.


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Great guys, Great family. They are truly the poster child for determination. God speed to the both of you. You'll be missed. My prayers are with you and your family.



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i did not know jeff but knew rick and he was a great guy, great driver, builder, innovator, husband, father and one of the nicest guys you would ever meet at the short course races.....and a guy that worked hard to make it big in our sport from from nothing.......ive heard the exact same things about his brother jeff....they will be missed by all...... im proud to have known him .......rest in peace...

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RIP Rick and Jeff. Both great guys, Hard workers and REAL racers. Glad to race with them for a couple of years.

Mary Kay

A true Winner.