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I haven't seen this posted, so, I guess I'll be the
bearer....and I'm sure most of you either knew
him, or had dealings with him.
Jerry Stewart (The Converter Shop) passed away last week.
Proud to say he was my friend, and one hellova great guy.
He did things for our sport (and racing overall) that were
truly top notch.

Gonna miss him lots!
Take a moment and say "one" for him if you get a chance.


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Very sad day.


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i will pray for his whole family and the god is watch him in heaven i m so sorry hear about it


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May all our prayers reach you in heaven Jerry Stewart. Praying for strength for your family and friends.

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All our prayers go out to you Jerry, and your family. May God keep your family strong.

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Rusty I love you man.I consider you a great friend in times even when it has nothing to do with Racing. Mom, Rusty and Ryan ,Jerry is in a better place now and my families thoughts and prayers are with your family.He was a pioneer in Off Road racing and an inspiration to so many people. Bill the mortgage man


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my sympathys to his family I did not know him but if rustys any indication of the type of person he was he must have been a great guy.


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The world has lost a great man, but heaven has gained one Godspeed Mr. Stewart. Our thoughts and prayers are with Rusty and family.

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Mr. Stewart was a great man and a hard worker. His legacy is left with both Rusty and Ryan. Godspeed Mr. Stewart, you will be missed.


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I spoke to Rusty a few weeks ago and knew Jerry wasn't doing well.

While it's sad the Stewart Family (and all of us in the motorsports community) have lost a pioneer, friend and family member, we can all take comfort knowing that Mr. Stewart is now at peace, free from pain and worry, and will continue to be a source of inspiration to his family.

Rusty and Ryan have always been dedicated to building the tradition of TCS Performance. The company has been, and remains, in their very capable hands.

Prayers and best wishes to the Stewart Family and friends. GodSpeed to Mr. Jerry Stewart. Thanks for your many contributions!


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If anybody can, or wants to, donations can be
made to:
The American Cancer Soceity, Orange Region
1940 E. Deere Ave., Ste. 100
Santa Ana, CA 92705-5718

He was truly a great guy!


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Very sad to hear Jerry was a great down to earth hard working guy. I was lucky enough to have a few beers with Jerry and Ryan and consider them great friends; my heartfelt condolences go out to the entire family.