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Race car/program insurance

J Burleson

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Looking to get some insight into how others insure their car/truck and associated racing gear. Motorsports policy? Inland Marine? Also would love some recommendations for who to contact for a policy. Thanks!

J Burleson

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I use baja bound on my personal rigs when I head south and will do so for races as well. But I am more interested in who owners are using to get a motorsports policy. I like using companies at the recommendation of others instead of shooting in the dark with my fingers crossed hoping I picked a good one.


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I've used Baja bound every time I go into Mexico, never had to make a claim, but I hear great things from people that have had to.


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Dunarri LLC


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I use David Lowder for stateside coverage, lia@liainsurance.com who sells a K&K product. David is a regular chaser for someone, cant remember who, but he's a desert racer.
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