Race-Dezert Shirts

John Bitting

I should have Race-Dezert shirts to sale by Laughlin. White in color. I will have XXXL, XXL, XL, L, M and some kids sizes. There are very limited numbers so it will be first come first serve.

I also have a couple of Blue RDC shirts in XL and XXL but these are going to highest bidder and money will be put back into Race-Dezert.com.


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Where will you be on friday? I'd like to get one of those in XL if we can hook up.


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Brian Mapes

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I will be there on friday. where are you gonna be cuz I want one in a medium.


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hey john i might be able to get you a place to stay, in exchange for a couple of stickers to put on the car...


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Dave I just retired my "original RDC shirt.I got it at the inagural RDC "chatting at the choo choo" gathering,pm

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save me a shirt, pleeze, in the "big eater" size. see you on Friday... and Saturday..... and Sunday....

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John Bitting

Alright here is the deal with Tshirts.

We will be at Tony Barraza Designworks booth on Friday selling tshirts. Come by and say hi and pick up a shirt. All proceeds will go back into Race-Dezert.com.

Also make sure to support the people that help out RDC. Camburg Engineering, Beard Seats, ORW, King Shocks, Tony Barraza Designworks, Glassworks, PCI Race Radios, off-road products.com. Also make sure to pick up a tshirt from Chad at ntense tees, He has Herbst shirts, riviera shirts and others. Please support him.

Rory better save me a XXL in that new shirt and anything else new that I dont own.