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Race Poll

Which race is your favorite, spectator or racer, of all the SCORE event’s?

  • Laughlin Desert Challenge

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  • San Felipe 250

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  • Baja 500

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  • Primm 300

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  • Baja 1000

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  • None of the above, I prefer a different sanctioning body.

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I voted, but I'm biased since I've never been to a SCORE race. Three VORRA (all short course at Prairie City), one MORE race and Parker this year.


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I voted for the Baja 500......Thats my favorite race of all. You leave in the morning, chase the cars from one side of the course to the other, and your practically home by dinner, just in time to go out and
hit the town................... scott


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Ok, so Primm is a big looser, no surprise there. How about all these votes that prefer a different sanctioning body? Which sanctioning body do you prefer? I feel another pole coming on!



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Now that we all know how much the laughlin race is loved, why dont we try to get Sal Fish to build up a nice short-course section at Primm. People love to see the classes so close together and hitting jumps. Last year there was only 2 jumps and 2 turns for the spectators. And there was only folding chairs sitting on the pavement. Lets get Bruce Landfeild and the 7s racers to organize a good infeild. People will pay more to see more.


The problem with the short course type in field at Primm is the cost. Laughlin pays to have the in field course set up and handles the bleachers and the VIP tent. After talking to Sal, an in field short course was not going to be possible at Primm.

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What is with the lack of interest in the Baja 1000? I thought that would be one of the top poll pick's


Gabe Lara

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Seems like some don't like Mex.
I always meet people who say they won't go there...
Scott & Shaun have a good point on the 500, but when they run a loop for the 1000, thats a great race too. I've always had fun on peninsula runs as well.
You just hit the town later....


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"What is with the lack of interest in the Baja 1000? I thought that would be one of the top poll pick's"

I was wondering the same thing. I've never been to either of them, but when I save up enough money, the Baja 1000 is the one I'd like to go see first.
Besides, the Europeans have the Paris-Dakar Rallye to brag about. I'd like to be able to brag about our continent's Baja 1000 - lol. Speaking
of the Paris-Dakar Rallye, has anyone been to one? I saw some of it on Speedvision this past weekend. If I ever get enough money saved up,
I'd love to go see that one. Take care,

Ed Q.


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I wonder if anyone at SCORE is paying attention this little poll? It says a lot about what the people want out of off road racing. We need more opinion posted with this poll!



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How about some input on why you folks like Laughlin so much. That race has all the others beat by almost double.



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Ed, the Paris to Dakar race is so expensive. no chase trucks, no spectators and no place
to stay over night [you are in the middle of no where, ] some teams never showed up at the
finish line, never to be found, and believe it. they have cannibals still in central africa.
Curt raced it.. ask him about it next time you see him.
The teams are all factory teams, they enter the semis in the race, complete machine shops
and every spare parts they could need, and when they crash. what a sight.
The nicest looking semi are the ones the Lamborghini team had. Specially made for the
race, they were as fast as the small truck class. I grew up dreaming about those Lambos, i
was born 35 KM from the factory and in 78 i was finally able to buy me one...
The Baja 1000 was a blast to race in the 80s and early 90s. now its too much of an
expense, you hardly gain anything if you win... and you are lucky to get back to the USA in
one piece. if the course does not get you, the locals or the police [?] will...

spaghetti bender
I personally like Laughlin because you see the vehicles 5 times in an hour. Races like San Felipe you have to pit hop to see the leaders come by more then once. Primm is hard to spectate and it is a long hot dusty day. Primm would be great if Score set up spectator areas in Jean and maybe by the pits like they do for laughlin, it allows the fans to see more then just the parking lot of Buffalo bills, It would not take much to put up some bleachers and let people watch at a remote site. I have not been to a baja 500 or 1000 so I cannot comment on those races, this year hopefully I will go to the 1000.


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John, you have to get down there to the 500! While it's not like Laughlin, it's still a great race and if you study the map you can chase it all over the place and see lot's of action!



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I think laughlin is unique in that it combines desert racing with short course racing. Spectators get to watch cool short-course action close up and also get the enjoyment of watching a Desert race unfold.

Besides that, the Laughlin Leap is a cool addition to the track - I am sure I am not the only one who likes to see a neck to neck race to that jump with neither lifting...

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I would love to go to the 500 but my new daughter is due to enter the world in 2 weeks so I will not want to leave her just yet to make the trip down there.