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Race Radio choices Rugged

I need a radio setup for the upcomming Norra 1000 in Baja. The question is. I was thinking 100 watt with intercom for 4. Rugged offers the 6100 intercom system with the 100 watt but not the 660 plus which has bluetooth. I thought that might be nice for tunes. Any preference and why? Is 100 watt radio the way to go? This is on my street legal dualsport buggy so I would be using it outside of racing as well. Thanks
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PCI. my two cents go with who has been here and will be. Great support. And I’m not some big money racer.

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Music is always nice, however the 6100 does have some nice features that make it perfect for racing. The side tone switch and driver isolate are really handy when you're racing and need to focus just on driving. Unfortunately, it's only a 2-seat intercom so if you really do want to get 4 seats, then the 660PLUS is probably your best bet. Even though we have the kits built a certain way on the website, does not mean we can't mix and match what works best for you over the phone. Just give us a call and we'll get you hooked up for the best price available.

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100watt is great but makes the most sense if your chase truck(s) have it as well. What’s the point in spending the money if they can’t transmit back to you?

Another vote for PCI.

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PCI, no question at all, although it was sad to see Gerardo go to rugged. ( have since heard has left those guys ) Pitting for F.A.I.R. for many years had us talking to Weatherman both during the races and usually after the races were over and poss the cocktails were had. Still nice to be able to call PCI and have a talk with Scott, maybe he remembers us guys fixing his mini-mag back in the day..damn i'm getting old

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If you haven’t purchased yet I might as well ad my little brains worth. Have purchased from both pci and rugged. Both have friendly and knowledgeable staff, I own both kenwood and vertex radios and have not found much difference. All of mine are 50 watt. Every time I have called rugged I have had a very positive experience, with pci I get sent to the next person to get answers or they need to call me back, I was at a motorcycle sales event recently and wanted to buy a new gps, pci ran out of it and the next week when I called them the price went back up. When I have done that at rugged they give me the sale price. Most of The products will intermingle so you are not limited to one or the other anyhow


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I remember the Fair pits for sure and all the great help I received over the years from Fair! I hope to have my sons out racing in a few more years and we will be looking for a pitting club to help out for sure!

I appreciate the loyalty, and work hard to make all PCI customers feel value in the products and services we offer. Sorry if we have ever let any of you down. We are growing and adding more members to the Team to help better serve the Industry.

With that said this is a message board for Racers and Race Cars deserve the best parts in my opinion. Off-Road is the Toughest environment on any parts. Would you put off brand shocks on your Race Car? Kenwood in my opinion is the best radio as far as durability in Rough Wet Dusty conditions and why it is the only radio we recommend in our race kits. If you are going to buy from our competition the Vertex is the radio I would recommend over some of the others they have to offer. Vertex makes a very nice 110watt radio and the Vertex 50 watt is similar to the Icom we sell, none in my opinion are suited to off road abuse compared to the Kenwood radios.

If you are set on buying a 100 watt cheap radio you may find this model interesting, I bought one to play with and can say that the thing did not hold up to long term transmit tests and got so hot you could barely touch it. I wonder what would happen if the fan that pulls in air and dust were to go out? I do not recommend buying cheap parts for race cars, as I know first hand how much time, effort, and money it takes to get to the finish line of a race like Norra.


That horse is dead for sure!

I will be at Norra for support and will be racing as well, hate to say it, but I am a Vintage racer now:)
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