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Race Radio Help

Hey guys, i just got a rugged rm-60, their 60 watt VHF radio, i got everything installed how they said, grounded to my steel roof, no coiled coax cable, wired directly to the battery via their harness. I printed out a antenna cut chart and the antenna supplied is right in range for the 150-170 MHZ. My question is, do I need to tune it or dial it in any before i use it? I'm just not familiar and defiantly don't want to ruin the new radio.


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You should be fine using it. BUT - if you get a chance to take the car with the gear installed to an event that Rugged or PCI is at, and ask them to tune the antenna at that time, that will help it to perform at its best possible.


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I’m pretty sure rugged has some tech support in so cal, I would give them a call and they can help tune it. I got the same radio this year and have been really impressed. No BS, at the 1000 this year I was able to talk and listen to score ops from Yuma AZ!!