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Race radios in baja what are the rules

swu chase1

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so what are the rules laws in mexico with the channels. can some please help with an answer , is there an answer . Thx in advance


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Technically you are supposed to be licensed to operate Ham and race radios in Mexico, but it is not enforced much. Don't give them a chance to hassle you at the military checkpoints by ALWAYS turning the volume down and telling your crew to maintain radio silence as you all pass through.
In the States, race radio frequencies are in the business band freq. range and if you hear a business operating on a freq. in the city, respect that they likely are permitted for that freq. and get off of it.


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For the US getting a license is only a few hundred bucks, then you have your own frequency to use for your business when your around town.

We use ours for business during the work week on the vehicles we develop and it works out great.


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there are no rules it's all illegal activity, some teams claim to own the freq but they actually don't. maybe in the USA they might have a permit but mexico is another country.
there is a really large grey area here


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The key to using a radio in Mexico is to say everything as fast as possible three times in a row using a loud excited tone of voice and holding the mic about two feet away from your mouth.

Wedderman wedderman wedderman!
Pablo Pablo Pablo!
Escucha escucha escucha!

The other secret is to wedge the mic between your seats when not using it.


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Number 1 Rule

Keep the microphone unplugged unless transmitting a message . A keyed or stuck mic will disable the entire radio network for ever one….
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So I listened to the Weatherman feed from the 500. What's up with the local radio traffic on the channel? Was that an appliance company or something? Is this a new problem? I had never heard it before.

swu chase1

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Justin yes we had a problem with another race team using the channel we have been using for s number of years. he was screaming on the radio it was his channel creating radio traffic and being a jerk in general. We rolled our truck 3 times early in the race . In the process of working out the problem trying to make sure the driver and co driver were safe. A team member of the other team was Keying the mic on and off just to cause dead air time . It was rude and dangerous. it was not COOL to say the least.

J Burleson

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Wow! That goes beyond radio etiquette. That’s just about respect for other racers and human beings! Call them out so we know who to say hi to when we see them.
I know the last time I had radios programmed at PCI they asked if I was going to be in Baja or stateside more. I told them Baja so they gave me the frequency of a team that “only races stateside”. But I could never imagine not standing down if another team was on the channel trying to deal with a possible emergency. Now I’m thinking having a second channel is a good idea?
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That is the biggest Richard Cranium move Ive ever heard, stupid fluvks, its efing baja, may the chupacabras get them along with a good dose of karma, hell in the old days the other team would always help run a relay instead of having to go to weatherman.


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On the other side of the coin, I will say this: if you know that you were not the only team using a particular frequency please don’t key the mic every time a thought comes through your brain housing group and transmit it out to the entire world. Keep the frequency as clear as possible so that important race communications can be heard. I swear some guys only release the microphone long enough to take a breath so they can start talking again.

swu chase1

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well since i attempted to contact the team owner / leader, and he told me he didnt care if my driver and co rider were hurt . i dont fell bad outing him i thought we might be able to talk and work it out . WRECKED RACING Steve Sells total A-Hole said he did the keying of the mic and didnt care at that point I figured J. Burleson is right say hi to him . you may be the next one "he dosen't care if you ok in an emergency type event.
Wait to make sure the channel is clear before you transmit. And don’t go asking Weatherman for a status update of your car every 15 minutes.
1. Getting a license for a channel does you zero good because some race team will buy new radios and whoever they buy them from will park them on whatever channel they feel like. Most likely yours.

2. Traffic on weatherman by locals is bad because when they steal race radios weatherman is the only common channel so they all use it.

3. Get a sat radio, end of problem.