Race Report- MORE Mighty Mojave


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Race Report Sept.15th 8:00 AM - MORE Mighty Mojave 250 - Barstow Calif.

The day started out hot and dusty with no wind" what more could you ask for!
Six 9 cars signed up but only 4 made it to the start due to pre race woe's.
We were to run 10-23.5 mile laps on a very fast track for Barsow which is more known for it's brutal terrain. ten days prior to the race severe flash floods tore through the area which only turned the normaly rough and rutted out washes into flat freeways this made it possible for most of the 9 cars to average over the 40 MPH mark all day!
The starting order was #989 Mike Norris, #904 Tyler Petersen, #975 Rob Stapp, #965 BJ Proctor.
After lap one Norris was still up front with Proctor 2nd then Stapp and Petersen, at lap two Proctor was in the lead by only feet at the line over Norris and Stapp 3rd ,down 2 min. and Proctor down 3 min.
On lap 3 the Norris car lost a Trans. and they towed it home to the Main. At the end of lap 3 Proctor was up by 4 min. over Stapp and 5 over Petersen. On lap 4 the Proctor's car began to loose the engine "Knock"so they pulled it over at the S&F in order to save the case if possible!
This left Stapp and Petersen to dice it out for 6 more laps in a race that was claimimg cars at a fast pace, over 60% DNFed.
Todd Craig took over for Stapp on lap 5 and never looked back, went on to take the Checkered Flag over Petersen by 22 Min. The 975 car ran a flawless race all day without any down time. Dennis Petersen took over for his son Tyler on lap 6 and chased Craig for 4 laps, they ran a great race but a broken throttle cable on lap 10- 5 miles from the finish sealed their fate. they finished a strong 2nd.
Overall it was a great race, Hope to see all of you out in Barstow on the 17th of Nov. for the SNORE/MORE Battle of Barstow Western States Championship!