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John Bitting

Did no one go to the last race?? Lets hear some highlights. The page seems to be getting farther away from Desert Racing everyday. We have BITD's longest race of the year coming up also.. Who all is attending that?

Baja 500 was amazing.

Tech was killer as always catching up with all my friends I only see at races.

I got to ride along and help out the Protruck Team of Alan Pflueger, I started in Ojos, down to Valle T, then to the power station, then to El Almo, then back to Ojos and to the hotel. I got the see the truck 5 times and help pit it 3. We saw the leaders a bunch of times and I even helped fuel the trophy truck of Mark Miller in Valle T and he went on to win. Lets hear some other stories from the race.


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Well we had a blast (like always). We were pitting for Ron Brant 104, Everything started off good but on the beach section they start have a problem with the front end. at high speeds and in turns the car would start to shack out of control. We checked it out at Santo Thomas but everything looked ok. ended up the there was a big crack in the car that you could only see from underneath. They just limped it in from there. but 6th in class, 7th overall ( not counting bikes) is not bad. boy those Lentner boys were flying. They got high centered on some rocks on the goat trail and still got 1ST in class and 6th overall.

We will miss pitting for the motion car that is in the BITD race so we can make the 400. 1477 will be there, still waiting for the trailing arms for the one car so it will be close for it.


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We got showered with rocks by the Riviera truck in Valley T. hauling ass on a rear passenger shreaded tire. Had a good time other then that. Oh, and I don't know who owned the TT but it was Black with a wide yellow section down the side. He through a rock of his tire that went through the rear window of a truck parked across from us. You should hear it on tape!!! You can hear the rock hit it over the engine of the truck.


Gabe Lara

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Hmmm, seems like it was just yesterday!

Working with such a great group of guys @ Pflueger Racing!
Prerunning and testing with Alan and John on Thursday... (and looking out, as not to "scare the Mexican".)
Seeing Mark Miller's TT come through our pit "on the pipe", going on to win, and proudly running an RDC sticker! (Congrats and thanks again to Mark, Ryan and their crew!)
Helping the Lofton/ Julson car out in Hamu ... (Sorry to see you guys out so early)
The number one taco stand in Ensenada with the Voyles crew...
Seeing all of the RDC friends and family yet again!
The "Fearless One" winning Pro Truck!

And of course, seeing all of our friends and extended family in Mex!.



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Hey, I was there. EJR Racing's Trophy Truck #44 took 5th at last years Baja 500 and won the race in the Protruck class the year before that. Coming off our 2nd place finish at the San Felipe 250 beating the likes of Enduro, Herbst, Steinberger etc. we were chomping at the bit to get another chance at our first win in the TT class. My chase crew left at 5am to beat the Ojos crowd and did just that. An early start on a great morning in Baja. We waited at BFG #1 for our truck hoping it would make it on fuel. Rich overshot the pit entrance and slid to a stop in a cloud of smoke. He backed through the cloud of gasseous BFG and into the pit for some fine service including 6 cans of gas and a co-dog change. We were running about mid pack of the TT's at this point. How about that flash fire accross the blacktop from BFG? Anyone know what happened? Our crew loaded up and headed for Valley T and Poolmans Black Box BFG pit 2. Miller was hauling the mail through the big rocks! Our truck busted a trailing arm in half coming out of Mikes however. After determining that the other trailing arm was almost broke as well, Rich called it a day. It took forever to get our trailer, extract the race truck and get everyone out. Our crew returned safely to the hotel at about 4am. Had a blast. Major PROPS to Mark Miller. Prophy Trucks Rule! Tons of thanks to our sponsors, BF Goodrich Tires, M&R Printing and Seidler Equity Partners.


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Well I had fun...I helped chase for the White Knuckle Racing class 12 car (see attachment)...They were really hauling ass from Ojos to Mike's, and passed a couple 12 cars, they blew by the "just in case" pits we had set up, and they were making such good time they beat us the the First BFG pit, luckily they didn't need anything we had with us...We headed for the second BFG pit, and waited, but they were broken somewhere between Mike's sky ranch and us. It was an ignition module...by the time we got them what they needed they would've been to late to the next checkpoint...
It was a bummer not to finish...but still a good day, we got to see all the leaders go by at least twice, and watch some 1 cars take out the barbwire fence and posts at the cattle crossing at RM 76...

Up by Mike's there were some cars off the road...and rolled down drop-offs and stuff...anyone know the deal...was everyone okay?




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It's Saturday morning at 4:40a.m. as the alarm clock gave my first punch in the face. I jabbed the snooze button it was 4:47 when the bell rang for round two. And we were off like a herd of turtles toward our first pit near the goat trail with a quick stop for some pan dulce(Thanks Gabe).
After several bikes, some TT's, class 1's and a few Pepsi's Bob Lofton came off course slightly and nosed the #128 entry into a 6 ft. deep ditch, right in front of us, breaking the ball joint off the right lower arm. (Hope you're well Bob) Soon after, Alan Pflueger piloted the #255 pro-truck with his usual help from Mike Emerson and Kukailimoku on it's way through our pit towards V.D.T with a 1:17 lead on R.Johnson...... We assisted Mike/Bob and their crew in removing his car from the ditch and off the course and were on our way to Ojos Negros to wait for Alan to make the loop and head in. This is where I found out that the #122 car of my friend Mike Voyles had been struck in the right rear by John Gaughan which ended the day early for both cars. Also learned at Ojos was a radio transmission that the then overall leader Miller/Arciero in their #81 U.M.I. powered Chevy had run out of gas near El Alamo. Co driver Chris had determined the problem to be delivery related and not an empty cell and after a few minutes Ryan and Chris were back on course to take the second win in a row in the Trophy Truck class at the 500.
Soon after that at the finish line came the winning Pro-Truck #255.... Aprox. 17 minutes ahead of the second truck in class.... The whole team did an awesome job from the crew chief John Hoffman to Alan's hitch hiking hula girl on the dash.
So after a lot of beer in the Hotel after the race, a little sleep, and a speeding ticket in T.J. leaving my wallet $120 lighter, I was across the border and heading up I-5 on my way home..
Thanks to all for another great race and weekend.


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1646 Race Report

The race started for us early. On the way back from contingency and tech, the transmission locked in first gear. So we pulled the engine and transmission and openned the transmission up. While me crew was doing that I was scrambling around Ensenada looking for a transmission, cursing the whole time for not bring the spare. After a fruitless search I returned to find my crew had already pulled the transmission from the prerunner and started to install it into the race car. The prerunner transmission was bone stock, but at least it had all 4 gears working.

I want to THANK my crew, without them we would not have raced.

So on to race day. With a stock transmission I knew I had to take it easy....which was fine since we were only looking for a finish. Everything was great, minus the booby traps, until Mike's Sky Ranch Loop. That was some of the toughest race miles I have ever done.

So we're 5 miles from V. T 2 and the driver change, when I lanuched off "Walkers Corner." Lucky we didn't go off the 100 foot cliff but rather just got stuck on a dirt mound.

With my co-driver already out of the car , I see a another 1600, Brent Parkhouse blow the same corner. He comes barrel rolling down the hill and barely missed hitting my co-driver.

Well a chaser comes by and pulls both of us out. And we head to the driver change.

The driver change and the rest of the race was pretty uneventful until 5 miles from the finish. I hear on the radio that the front right wheel flew off, but they weren't gonna stop until the finish.

So at 16 hours 1 min, 1646 rolls across the finish on 3 wheels to the cheering of the crowd. Awesome feeling just to have finished the Baja 500


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587 chase report

Started in Ojos where we rolled the car. Got it on it's feet again. I then proceeded down to Valle de Trinidad where I cut across to chase over to K103. I was going to pit half way and then chase, but my stick shift broke just past RM.224 near the BFG pits. We pushed it off the course and managed to get it into 2nd with a cresent wrench. Nursed it to Baja Pits, who I owe a huge thanks, for letting me use their welder, except without a sheild. It ended up on another truck. Welded it back together and waited. Our car passed and I chased them to the 1(K103). And then headed up to Uraupan K42 to wait for the car and it showed up being towed due to a blown transmission.

This was around the time the flash burn set in from welding earlier with no sheild. Ohh man, for those of you who are familiar with it, I don't recommend it. My eyes watered and burned so bad my brother had to drive home, where the border wait was 2 1/2 hours.

Other than that I had a blast!!!!!


Gabe Lara

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I almost forgot the "tacos de perro" across the street from the Pemex station, Sam!