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Race the biggest dunes in North America

Hog Wild

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Sonora Rally includes more than 100 miles of dunes, raced over a 4 day period in April, 2016. The race takes place in Sonora, Mexico, just a couple miles over the boarder from Yuma, AZ. The rally is open to bikes, cars/trucks, quads, and UTVs, and is modeled after Dakar.

The dune area there is phenomenal, spanning about 10 times the area of Glamis.

Check out these shots from last year's race . . .

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Hog Wild

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A few shots from the massive Altar dunes. These dunes go on for almost 100 miles!



There are classes for motos, quads, UTVs, cars and trucks:




From one of our pre-run trips, scouting the course...

Here are the competitors paths in one dune section last year. In this section they went 23 miles in a straight line, never crossing any roads. The red line is Quinn Cody, who was leading at that time, making tracks for others to follow...

Here they had to pass through the circle in order to avoid penalty. Some had a hard time climbing the tall dunes to get there.

Yes, the course went straight over this mountain, and down a 400 foot steep drop on the other side! That's the moto navigation gear, which is how they know where the course goes. No GPS tracks, just paper instructions, the same as is done in Dakar Rally.

Lining up at a stage start:

The bivouac (camp/pit area):
Cortez Rally 2015 449.jpg

blue dog

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What is the total mileage covered ?

Hog Wild

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Mileage isn't the best way to measure a course like this since the terrain is so varied. In a big dunes day we could wipe you out in less than 100 miles (we won't do that though). While a good stage in typical desert terrain might be 250 miles. We're far from finalizing the course, but we expect 4 fairly long days, hopefully with no racing in the dark. Right now I'd guess it will be somewhat less than 1000 miles total.

One great thing about rally format is that you have time between stages to fix any mechanical issues you might have, and go at it the next day at full force. In Sonora Rally if you DNF one stage, you're not eliminated from later stages. We want you to have a great time!

blue dog

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I hope this takes off.