Race Trailer w/ cabinets


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I want to buy a trailer that has cabinets and tool boxes the full length on both sides, and stainless counter tops that I can drive my race car up on to for transport. Does anybody know of a MFG that offers this, or a MFG that may make it custom? I would think it would have to be tall like a stacker trailer without the second deck.


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Universal Trailer in Riverstde. Ask for Tom and tell him Steve from Colorado referred you. Very good custom builder that actually listens to what you want and builds with strength in the frame.


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Lots of the old short course trailers are like this. Koh guys are doing it also. Cambells trailer id done like this and you should be able to find pictures. Iam sure they would build it also for others. this company makes race cabnits and iam sure they do custom. Midwest Race Cabinets