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I've been reading these forums for years but never got involved. But then came the Greg and Pete thing, and a poll poped up I had to vote....... LOL. I,ve been apart of Desert racing for over 10 years now, And I Have Rock Crawled for about 20 years, Played with JeepSpeed for a couple years when it was started. Then moved to AZ. And Started helping Tracey Rubio out with his TT, Pitting , Chasing and hauling the race truck. Then when I'm not doing that I help Gary Messer out with his TL Pitting and chasing and I get to be the co-Dawg for the V2R 2009. During the Day I own a Hitch shop. I do wiring and sale and install offroad accessories. And when ever I do get some spare time I like to fabricate. I have built a few custom jeeps. Thats about it glad to be a real member now instead of just a reader..