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Raceline wheels

M.Tornel Jr

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Anyone use raceline wheels? What do you think about them? Do you recommend them? General thoughts? For a class 10. Thanks to all who reply.


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we just switched to them, I was breaking method wheels and was having clearance issues. We have 2 races on them and no issues. They make a 4.5 and a 7 wide wheel. We went with the 4.5. Think the offset makes them fit on the car more like a 4" wide method



We just switched over from Method due to clearance issues as well on our class 10. We have only been to testing once with them but we will see how they do in the 1000. Raceline also has excellent customer service and offered us a killer deal. Talk to Ryan if you are looking to switch! [email protected]



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McNeil uses them on their 5open, as far as I know they are happy. 35" baja TA in the rear like a class 10.


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Greg Mulkey got the Wide 5 forged wheel going a few years ago. Specifically for the Baja classes. He made me some wider with deeper backspacing "specials" for a recreational rock racing rig. I haven't tested them yet (building) but they would be REALLY hard to kill! The forged "Monster" is the KOH standard in reliability, and the Wide 5 seems to share that same design structure. I just received their "sand wheels" in Wide 5 and are significantly lighter...as intended. Greg is easy to talk to with a wealth of offroad racing knowledge. If any question, I suggest contacting him with your needs. They regularly build "specials" if there is a need. There is nothing inexpensive around a true racing wheel, but car lightness opens up options.
I am sure he will be around the Raceline booth at B1k if that works for you...Or, ask to have him return your call.