Racer X Motorsports Follows Paths of Steve McQueen, Malcolm Smith, & Harvey Mushman


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Racer X Motorsports Follows Famous Path of Steve McQueen, Malcolm Smith, and Harvey Mushman

For Immediate Release: June 24, 2009 – Santee, CA: Lake Elsinore, originally a playground for the rich and glamorous, has become a mecca for extreme sports and outdoor activities including water sports, skydiving, and motocross racing. It houses the largest natural freshwater lake in Southern California, and this weekend, June 26th and 27th the Lake Elsinore Motorsports Complex will host the Lucas Oil Off Road Series (LOORS) making its first Southern California appearance in 2009 for Rounds 5 and 6 of their 12 Round series. Two days and eight classes of ground pounding, sky leaping, high horsepower professional off road racing.

Off Road Racing has been synonymous with this town since the late 1960’s with the Elsinore Grand Prix Motorcycle Race. This event started and finished in downtown Lake Elsinore where entries in excess of 2,000 riders was not uncommon. Famous personalities Malcolm Smith, Steve McQueen and Harvey Mushman were frequent entrants to this contest. Who is Harvey Mushman? McQueen, a true off road racer and enthusiast commonly entered under the pseudonym Harvey Mushman to bypass movie studio contracts that prohibited him from participating in such extreme sporting events.

The Racer X Motorsports Toyota powered Alumi Craft Unlimited Buggy is prepped and ready for this premiere event. Currently at a career best 10th in points, driver Michael Cohen is excited about the weekends coming events. “It’s nice to be short course racing in Southern California again,” Cohen stated. “We have seen the great interest by the fans in Nevada and Arizona and now it’s Southern California’s turn to show their passionate support.”

Rounds 3 and 4 of the LOORS were at the Speedworld facility in Wittmann, AZ. The Racer X Motorsports team finished a career best 11th place in Round 3, but not without incident. “I was having a tough time with the mogul section of the track in morning practice before Saturday’s race,” Cohen relayed. “Finally, I hit the section right and shaved a off a ton of time. The next lap, I went in too fast, too hot, the car kicked up and barrel rolled pretty badly.” Thank you to Steve Naughton who caught it all on video:
“After the accident, I was devastated! Physically, I was fine, the car and safety equipment did its job, but mentally, I was just trying to figure out how I was going to get the car in the trailer. Fortunately for us, the Alumi Craft crew and my team had the car torn down and completely repaired in under an hour,” Cohen beamed! Later that day, the team had a career best finish of 11th.

Since Speedworld, the team has been working hard with Crew Chief and Transaxle Builder Kevin McMullen on optimum gearing, Engine Builder George Jimenez keeping the excellent Toyota power coming, and Goodyear on optimum tire selection for the Elsinore event. Practice for all classes start Friday with racing on both Saturday and Sunday. Please stop by the Racer X Motorsports team this weekend as the pits are open to all spectators free with admission.

Schedule Link: http://lucasoiloffroad.com/spectators.htm#event
Ticket Coupon: http://lucasoiloffroad.com/coupon.htm
Directions Link: http://lucasoiloffroad.com/images/map.pdf

Racer X Motorsports would like to thank Kevin McMullen Fabrication & Transaxles, Jimenez Racing Engines, Goodyear Tires, Fox Racing Shox, Alumi Craft, Mastercraft Seats, WireFab, Don Prim, DJ Safety, ECP Powder Coating, TCS Performance, Mirage Racing Products, and Jammin’ Products whose loyal support keeps our professional team running strong.

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