Racing Hawthorn? VORRA Needs to Know by End of Day

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All: I am passing on the message here to help get the word out. They need to know if you will be racing Hawthorn, UNFORTUNATELY - my timing is bad. They need to know BY END OF DAY TODAY 5/10. The email is below. Send your response to is you have not confirmed already using the VORRA FB page.

Jason Baden @ Reno Off-Road

Important HAWTHORNE 250 Update

Last week we posted on the VORRA Facebook saying we needed at least 20 cars to commit to racing Hawthorne in order to hold the race over Memorial Day. This post was seen by more than 3000 people, and we had 12 drivers say they would commit. Since then, we've got the web site fixed and now have access to email. For those of you not on facebook that might be interested in racing, we still need at least 20 committed drivers to put on this race to cover the costs of insurance, permits, etc.

Please reply to this email no later than 6PM PDT on Wednesday 5/10 with your driver name and class if willing to commit to racing! If we do not have 20 committed drivers by tomorrow we will cancel Hawthorne.

The costs for this season are the same as last years. For Hawthorne cost will be be $600 for pro classes and $500 for Sportsman. Registration will be available on site.

The following drivers have already committed on Facebook:

1. Sam Cothrun - Group T - 1450
2. Broc Ross - Group T
3. Jaime Burnap - Group T
4. Lucas Reich - Group T
5. Jason Pruyn - Group T
6. Scott Weir - Class 11
7. Bill Hermant - UTV - 1991
8. Jack Mathis - Group T
9. Max Baggett - Class 10
10. Sunnie Farr - Class 10
11. Eric Pucelik - Class 10
12. Michael Ahlmeyer - Class 10


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They really dropped the ball on this. Very disappointing. I cannot for the life of me get a hold of Dave. I'm about ready to make my life way easier and withdraw my name.