Racing on 8/23?


Sorry, I didn't make it Kluas. We were fishing off San Celemente Island all day and got in late.

Blackes on Sunday!!! 1500hrs.



Same here...I missed the race.

But Paul e-mailed me and gave me the results. I'll post shortly.
Bummer.. I got myself a logitech analog wheel with forcefeedback and I can see the improvements in slow acceleration out of turns or a more controlled brake and the ability to steer the truck precisely in traffic, BUT its a whole new feeling and my lap times are actualy slower with it. Couple more days or training perhaps.


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There is a site where u can play Leadfoot. Its called TOS. The online Speedway. You can play online or offline and it will record points. See how you fare with other racers. You can play Leadfoot, Motocross Madness and Dirt Track Racer. Check it out . Vtr_Racing


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Here is a link to the TOS site. Follow the instructions to download and load the Leadfoot plugin. Than you are all set to record your times and accumulate points. Pretty cool. Marc Choquette RMR_Vtr_Racing <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>