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Racing Podcasts


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More and more podcasts focused on racing have been coming out lately and if nothing else it beats listening to the radio while driving to work. Some of my favorites are, Dinners with Racers, The Marshall Pruett Podcast, The Autosport Podcast and Motorsport Magazine Podcast. They are available on iTunes but should also be possible to get on an Android device. Anyone else have any other recommendations?


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radio Le mans has podcast every Wednesdays evening covering Motorsport news and chat plus they cover all main sport car races around world. they are available through they website plus iTunes.


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Umm I have 2. The Down & Dirty Radio Show Powered By Polaris RZR which focus's on Action Motorsports (Off-Road, Rally, Drifting, Motocross, & Snocross). It's a nationally syndicated radio show but available as a podcast. also have a 2nd show called Project Action that is a fusion of action sports, racing, celebrities, mma, and pop culture. We generally have guests like Travis Pastrana, Ken Block, Ryan Dungey, Rob Mac, etc, between the 2 shows so the guests are pretty legit.


Jim Beaver's Project Action by PodcastOne on iTunes

The Down & Dirty Radio Show by Jim Beaver on iTunes


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The Ten Tenths Podcast is done by a couple of normal guys that road race, autocross and rally. The style is very casual, like a few friends just BSing about everything from horrible concept cars, stupid mods on ricer cars and their struggles to go racing. It is very entertaining.