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racing videos


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I sure wish that place was still open to watch from. Thats one of the best places in off road to view from. Screw the infield at Laughlin. They should close off the road, set up bleachers at the crossings, and charge admission. That would be great.


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Why do they need to charge admission?

Is the money going into the race purse, or a points bonus? Who collects the money and where does it go?

John Bitting

The reason people say charge admission is because it is always the excuse that it costs too much to setup bleachers or get security to work the area so by charging people a couple of bucks to get in they no longer have that excuse. So we just sit back and see what other reasons they give for not allowing people into the good sections. The road jump will never be as good as it was that year. Last year they went over it backwards and only two people were clearing it all day. And the year before that it was really graded so you only got wheelie shots of the TT's..


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Its our Desert as well and we still cant watch races in person or on TV. Boy do I miss the days of sitting out in the middle of no where with friends and watching a off-road race. Have to cage you up like animals to watch a race nowadays. Very sad indeed..... Marc Choquette VTR Racing