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This post can be considered as a follow up to the Radio Frequencies List.

I just wanted to share a scanner setup I just purchased. As we cover a race, I found it impossible to be monitoring all the freqencies to obtain the best race info.

Today, I purchased a cheap $189 Uniden scanner "Sport Scanner 200".

This little gem can hold 200 assigned fequencies and displayes each frequencie in Alpha format, i.e. "WEATHERMAN".

There is also some nifty software for $30 called WinScan Sport that will let you control and populate the frequency/name list.

The scanner also has a gaggle of other features such as "priority channels" etc.

So, if your team leaks some good info over the 2-way, we have a better chane of reporting it. Beware.. Nah...

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I think a scanner is the best way to go for anyone that is a race spectator. The cost is low and there is no way to cause problems by transmitting on race day causing problems like so many dumb-ignorent people to by sitting on the mic button. I'm not dumb i'm ignant ;-)


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We have these bad boys in stock and ready to ship. The are the Uniden Bear Cat 100 channel scanners. These scanners are the #1 scanner used by race fans that wants to get in the action and listen to his or her favorite driver. The Uniden 100 channel scanner is easy to use and ready to put you in the action. With your Forum Discount I can get them in your hands for $135.00.

• 100 Channels / 10 Banks
• Frequency Coverage 25-54,108-174,406-512- Includes the most
interesting "action" bands where you can hear police, ambulance, fire,
amateur radio, public utilities, weather, and more.
• 10 Programmable Search Ranges - Helps you find unlisted frequencies
in use in your area
• 6 Preprogrammed Service Searches - Frequencies are Preset in
Separate Police, Fire/Emergency, Aircraft, Ham, Marine (by channel)
and Weather Banks to make it easy to locate specific types of calls.
• Backlit Display - Makes It Easier to Read Display in Low Light Conditions
• 2 AA Battery Operation - Provides flexibility in choice of
batteries: Alkaline for long life, rechargeable for economy (batteries
can be charged while in the scanner)
• Priority Scan - Frequently scans the channels you have designated
as priority channels



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oh snap pjc, take yours back and get it from rugged radios and save.

the 100 channel scanner thru is only $84.90, however, 100 channels is no where near enough. Pat's 200 channel is the real deal.
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