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Rage at the River

J BomBer

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let’s clear this up. Again.
there were12 cars racing. Richard was running in the 3rd spot.
the top 2 cars pass when The Johnson car pulls out in front of the rest of the pack. A LAP DOWN. There is video. SNORE seen it. They will not show it to the public. 🤔. Richard did tap. Then another tap. Ryan. Richard B. Jorge. We’re behind all this. Trying to pass Richard S.
a MINUTE later Richard gave him the Bumper. Remember. There is video.
I am not for caving in rear bumpers.
so before Jeramy Runs his mouth about what he didn’t see. Or was there. Again let us see the video so we all know what happened.
but because Johnson is part of the Off Road Mafia group. He can get away with cheating. Changing times to try and make them win. 🤔.
best of luck to everyone at Rage. Dennis
difference between nerfing and blatantly driving into someone, guess that brush guard finally caught up 😂