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C.J. Hutchins

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McMullen Fab has put up a $500 bonus to the class 10 winner AND challenges ALL others to add to it. We can make it winner take all, or if we get enough bonus money maybe split it up amongst the top 3?
All racers all eligible even if they don't pay into the extra pot.
This is on top of SNORE's already killer payback!

They did this at the other laughlin race, a few teams put up some money and the winner walked with $5,000!!
Let's try to pull as many class 10's as we can! I know we could get 30 cars if we spread the word.
Anyone else that would like to add to the pot, contact me!!!

C.J. Hutchins

Well-Known Member
26 class 10's entered so far!!! Extra $1,000 bucks going to the winner on top of SNORE's already great payback!