Rali Transibérico 2009


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The 5th edition of Rali Vodafone Transibérico, an event counting for the FIA Cross
Country Rally World Cup 2009 and the only one held in the European Continent.

The 2009’s edition of the Rali Vodafone Transibérico will be held from 17th to 21st of June and willbegin and finish at Estoril.

Four legs and around 1,400 Km of special stages will be disputed in Portugal and Spain.
Beyond our main sponsor, Vodafone, we also count on the support of the Portuguese Tourism Board and Estoril Tourism Coast, the City Halls of Abrantes, Almeirim, Beja, Cascais, Castelo Branco,Chamusca, Coruche, Fundão, Idanha-a-Nova, Mora, Penamacor, Ponte de Sor, and Valverde del Fresno and Merida Ayuntamientos.

More details in www.ralitransiberico.com . Images and updated news in www.todoterreno.pt

Entry list:
1 X-Raid Gmbh D Guerlain Chicherit F Tina Thörner S BMW X3 CC T1
2 X-Raid Gmbh D Nani Roma E Michel Perin F BMW X3 CC T1
3 Carlos Sousa P Carlos Sousa P Luis Ramalho P Mitsubishi Lancer T1
4 X-Raid Gmbh D Filipe Campos P Jaime Baptista P BMW X3 CC T1
5 Castrol Vodafone Liberty Seguros Team P Miguel Barbosa P Miguel Ramalho P BMW X3 CC T1
6 G-Force Motorsport RUS Boris Gadasin RUS Vladimir Demyaneko RUS Proto G-Force T1
7 Prolama Competição P Rui Sousa P Carlos Silva P Isuzu D-Max T1
8 Prolama Competição P Edgar Condenso P Nuno Silva P Nissan Pick-up T1
9 Georaid - RSG RUS Artem Varentsov RUS Roman Elagin RUS Toyota Land Cruiser 100 T2
10 Yahya Al Helei UAE Yahya Al Helei UAE Khalid Al Kendi UAE Nissan Patrol T2
12 Thomasse Pascal F Thomasse Pascal F Corine Dubois F MD Buggy T1
14 JMB RACING F Nicolas Misslin F Jean Michel Polato F Mitsubishi Pajero MPR 13 T1
15 JMB RACING F Rodolphe Deveaux F NN Mitsubishi Pajero MPR 13 T1
16 X-Raid Gmbh D Bernardo Moniz da Maia P Joana Sotto-Mayor P BMW X3 CC T1
17 Padock Competições P Pedro Silva Nunes P Paulo Torres P Mitsubishi Pajero T2
18 Nuno Matos P Nuno Matos P Jaime Cortes P Isuzu D-Max T2
19 Mitsubishi Brasil Team BR Guilherme Spinelli BR Paulo Vasconcelos BR Mitsubishi Pajero T1 (MPR13)
20 Alexander Mironenko RUS Alexander Mironenko RUS Sergey Lebedev RUS Nissan Overdrive T1
21 Dinis Lucas Consulting Team P José Dinis Lucas P Luís Tirano P Mitsubishi Pajero DiD T1
22 VR2 Motorsport P Pedro Grancha P Paulo Primaz P Nissan Navara T1
23 Team Motivo P José Gameiro P António Saraiva P Nissan Off Road T1
24 Tecnosport Spa I Helder Oliveira P Filipe Palmieiro P Nissan Pathfinder T1
25 Ricardo Leal dos Santos P Ricardo Leal dos Santos P João Luz P BMW X5 T1
26 Jorge Plácido P Jorge Plácido P Anibal Mendonça P Nissan Pathfinder T2
27 Georaid - RSG RUS Igor Bondarev RUS Alexander Gorelov RUS Toyota Land Cruiser 100 T2
28 G-Force Motorsport RUS Alexey Denisov RUS Dmitry Kozhukhov RUS Nissan Patrol T2
29 Dinis Lucas Consulting Team P Mário Dinis Lucas P Francisco Luís P Mitsubishi Montero T2
30 Tiago Avelar P Tiago Avelar P Silva Santos P Nissan Navara T2
31 Amadeus Matzker D Amadeus Matzker D Lee Palmer AUS Land Rover Defender 110 T1
32 Prolama Competição P Afonso Batista P José Manuel Marques P Isuzu Rodeo T2
33 Lino Carapeta P Lino Carapeta P Rui António P QT Wildcat T1
34 SobralPneus Racing Team P Eduardo Rodrigues P António Nunes P SRTeam SRT Proto T1
35 Yannick Commagnac F Yannick Commagnac F Jean-Luc Martin F Bowler Wildcat T1
36 LC - Loulé Concelho Team P Miguel Farrajota P Nelson Ramos P Proto Depieres Rav 4 T1
37 Fernando André P Fernando André P Luis Gomes P Renault Megane T1
38 André Amaral P André Amaral P António Albano P Proto DP04 T1
39 CS Peças Auto P Francisco Pita P Humberto Gonçalves P Toyota Rav 4 T1
40 Bruno Oliveira P Bruno Oliveira P Pedro Colaço P Mazda BT 50 T1
42 Fast UA "Fast" UA "Ronin" UA Isuzu D-Max T2
43 António Sousa P António Sousa P José Magalhães P Bowler Wildcat 200 T1
44 JRX4 Competicion E Jose Enrique de Dios E NN Toyota Land Cruiser T2
45 Phillipe Meyer F Phillipe Meyer F Dominique Bas F Mitsubishi L200 RS T1
46 João Pais P João Pais P João Rato P Mazda BT 50 T1
47 Manuel Rosa P Manuel Rosa P Armando Correia P Mazda Proto T1
48 Athanasios Palaskas D Athanasios Palaskas D Panagiotis Zachariov GR Mitsubishi Pajero T2
49 António Teixeira P António Teixeira P Jorge Amaral P Mazda BT 50 T1
50 Paulo Pinto P Paulo Pinto P Ricardo Cortiçadas P Mazda BT 50 T1
51 João Marques P João Marques P Tiago Lourenço P Mazda BT 50 T1
52 Toyota France F Michelle de Nora I Maurizio Dominella I Toyota LC 120 T2
53 Paula Branco P Paula Branco P Filipa Silva P Mazda BT 50 T1
54 Carlos Aires P Carlos Aires P Pedro Costa P Mazda BT 50 T1
55 Rui Lopes P Rui Lopes P Luis Ferreira P Mazda BT 50 T1
56 Miguel Sousa P Miguel Sousa P José Real P Land Rover Defender 110 T1

Desert Dog

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Keep an eye out for 10 Yahya Al Helei UAE Yahya Al Helei UAE Khalid Al Kendi UAE Nissan Patrol T2 and tell them Mark Powell says Hi.

This will be the first time that Yahya will compete in Europe so it will be a real experience for him. He is a pure out-and-out desert driver!


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Hi guys

Here are the first images i've got from Rali Transibérico...

There are images from SS1 and SS2. In the galleries, you can found almost 450 pics from day one of the race.

Can be found here

Saturday or maybee Sunday, there will be images from SS5 and SS6 avaiable.

Bye for now.