Rally Against the CBD in Idyllwild !!


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Jun 7, 2001
Southern California
I can't attend, but.......

Who ever can attend and bring another warm body, please attend this rally at
the Center's new office at 54870 Pine Crest Ave, Fern Valley Ca. (This is the
village adjacent to Idyllwild) I believe puuting this address with the city
of Fern Valley or Idyllwild on mapquest.com will yeild the same directions.
The rally starts at 11am, however those folks that want there literature to
be included in the plastic bag handouts need to arrive at 9am to help stuff
the bags.
Also, some of you may want to make a hand held poster or sign to help voice
your concern(s).

> On November 3, 2001, many organizations will be
> meeting at the newest office
> for the Center for Biological Diversity in
> Idyllwild, California to stage a
> "Public Access Rally." The Center for Biological
> Diversity is part of the
> 3.5 billion (1999 estimate, it's probably much
> larger now) Environmental
> Industry.
> The Center for Biological Diversity and the rest of
> the Environmental
> Industry exploits the protection of the environment
> to increase their power,
> raise money (by winning lawsuits) and to push their
> ideological agenda. They
> have hobbled our public agencies with their lawsuits
> and in the future will
> be continue to sue our government and collect
> damages better used to defend
> ourselves in this time of War. They are currently
> pushing to have their
> policies as part of the Forest Plans for the four
> National Forests in
> Southern California, which will mean more closures
> and loss of our freedom
> to responsibly enjoy the forest.
> For more information on the Center for Biological
> Diversity's tactics, as
> well as their allies in the Environmental Industry,
> see the investigative
> report by the Sacramento Bee


<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.sacbee.com/news/projects/environment/20010424.html>http://www.sacbee.com/news/projects/environment/20010424.html</A>

> An Idyllwild merchant has offered their facilities
> for the protest and to
> put up an information booth and we'll be passing out
> packets of information
> from every organization that participates. In
> addition, so far the Orange
> County Register and Riverside Press Enterprise have
> confirmed that they will
> be covering the event; there will be more by the
> time we meet in Idyllwild.
> The purpose of the rally is to show the faces behind
> those groups that are
> hurt worst by the Center for Biological Diversity's
> actions and to draw much
> needed media attention to the fight against this
> power- and land-hungry
> organization. We believe it is an excellent
> opportunity to educate the
> public on responsible use of public lands.
> There will be many citizens there concerned about
> our personal and economic
> freedom and protection, which is critical in these
> times of National Crisis.
> These organizations fear the very freedom that
> motivates our countries
> enemies to attack us. The unbalanced policies of
> groups such as these
> threaten our country's ability to remain free.

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