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I'm looking to race my truck at the May 18 Rallycross event, but it looks like there are no classes for turbo vehicles. Am I reading this right or is my turbo toyota illegal to race?



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I'll be there also, Gabe (rally-xguy) said if enough trucks show we can have our own class

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Email reply from Gabe (Tombstone rallycross)

Basically any vehicle that can run under it's own power is allowed to run.
The only safety equipment you will need is a helmet and seat belts (just
regular seat belts are fine), we will have a few loaners for those without

The course is set on a dirt/gravel parking lot with a few connecting roads.
You will need to go through the course as fast as possible without hitting
any cones. Cones represent trees, so don't hit them, 2 seconds penalty per
cone. It's .31 miles, most people run it in just under a minute. There are
a few obstacles surrounding the course that you will want to steer clear of
if you happen to go off course. We will be running 4 to 6 runs, depending
on time and number of competitors. Your score will be the total time of all
your runs combined, so running smooth and consistent is better than blasting
cones in an attempt to get the fastest stage time.

We divide the cars up into two run groups, usually based on classes or
2wd/4wd. One group runs, while the other works the course, picks up cones,
timing/scoring etc.

The cost is $35 ($30 for California Rally Series members).

There is another course on the property that only fully prepared rally legal
cars can run on. The events that use this course are Rally-Sprints. There
are 3 or 4 of those per year.

We would love to have you guys show up. Trucks are becoming very popular in
the rally scene.

Thanks, let me know if you have any more questions.

Gabe Pari

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Oh yea its still gona be fun, cant beet it for $35 cause like the drag stips down here are at least that much but the cross will be fun too!

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Fish - Some people might take "UBS = United Beeters Society" out of context.

Hopefully you are talking about your cars and not something else!



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Yeah, he's talking about the "New General Lee" and quite possibly the "New Batmobile" that coilover kid and I are working on, then there is also going to be "supermo-pile", I mean "supermanmobile" Piloted by Havahockey. . .Watch out rally cross, and the UPS' jump championships!! Here comes UBS.

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Well yea we are talking about cars and I think when people see the beeters they will know what we are talking about :) But just Incase we will change it to UBCS United Beeter Cars Society!

I got some inside info that the super-mobile has been changed to the A-Team Mobile :)

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