Rally Kazakhstan 20-27 May 2017

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Friday, November 11th, 2016


· Inaugural round of FIA World Cup to be based at Aktau City on Caspian Sea
· Fred Gallagher appointed Clerk of the Course to work with organisers

ALMATY (KAZAKHSTAN): The Automotorsport Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan is delighted to announce that Rally Kazakhstan will be the fourth or fifth round of the 2017 FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies for the first time on May 20-27, 2017.

The rally will be open to FIA T1, T2, T3 and T4 classes and runs under the management of the Mobilex Sport Club. It will be based in the western city of Aktau, situated on the shores of the Caspian Sea.

The route of the new FIA World Cup event will pass through demanding desert and rocky off-road terrain in the world’s ninth largest country, sandwiched between the Russian Federation to the north, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to the south, the Caspian Sea to the west and China to the east.

The competitive route will be divided into six selective sections of around 1,800km in total. Stage one is scheduled to run for 268km and this will be followed by stages of 331km, 275km, a fourth day split into two sections of 357km and 50km and the final two days of 334km and 180km.

Aktau City is located on the Mangyshlak Peninsula, is the only major sea port in the country and has direct international flight links with several major European and central Asian cities, including Moscow, Istanbul, Baku, Kiev, Tbilisi and Yerevan.

Rally headquarters and the media centre for the country’s inaugural round of the FIA World Cup will be based at the Marriott Renaissance Aktau Hotel. The city will also play host to the start and finish ceremonies at the nearby seaside square and the overnight halt after days one, five and six of the event.

The bivouac after the second and fourth selective sections will be located at the Kenderly Caspian Sea Resort in Kenderly, a seashore located around 210km south-east of Aktau. The stages will loop around the nearby city of Zhanaozen in the Mangystau region of the country.

“This is a really great achievement for us, as organisers of Rally Kazakhstan and also for our country, to be a part of the international calendar for the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies,” said Marat Abykayev, President of the Automotorsport Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“We have been trying to achieve this goal for several years and eventually, for the first time in the history of Kazakhstan, we have earned the right to host one of the counting rounds of this prestigious championship. I hope that with a mutual collaboration and team effort we will be able to promote positive news about Kazakhstan on a global scale and establish ourselves and our scenic and challenging special stages as popular additions to the FIA cross-country calendar.”

This year’s candidate event took place in June and was won by FIA World Cup regular Yuriy Sazonov of Kazakhstan and his Ukrainian navigator Dmitry Tsyro in a Mobilex Racing Team-run Land Rover.

The experienced former WRC co-driver and event organiser Fred Gallagher worked as Rally Director alongside the local organising committee at that candidate rally and he will continue to work in the role of Clerk of the Course for Kazakhstan’s inaugural round of the FIA World Cup.

A three-time winner of the Safari Rally and a double winner of the Ivory Coast Rally with Toyota, Gallagher has also worked as a consultant on numerous other FIA events, including WRC rallies in the UK, Corsica, Cyprus and Jordan and FIA World Cup events in Russia, Abu Dhabi and Qatar.

Recent immigration changes mean that residents of 19 countries, including citizens of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, the UAE and the United States of America, can visit Kazakhstan for up to 15 days without the need for a visa. The Kazakhstan government intends to expand this list still further next year in preparation for the country hosting the International Exhibition Astana Expo 2017 from June-September.

Rally officials have liaised closely with management at the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, Sealine Cross-Country Rally and the Italian Baja to ensure the smooth passage of vehicles and equipment between events in the 2017 FIA World Cup to adhere to the rigid transportation deadlines required. Detailed shipping details and precise timings are available from rallykazakhstan.com.

For further information, contact the Automotorsport Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 050010, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kazybek Bi 12.24, Tel: + 7 727 2939028, E-mail: dmahenya@fams.kz and rallykazakhstan@gmail.com. Websites: www.fams.kz and www.rallykazakhstan.com.


That is great news... I was Almaty for a week earlier this year in September, and thought to myself what a great place to host a Cross Country Rally (legs of the Paris-Moscow-Beijing passed through Kazakstan in the past)... Great to see a new event/venue on the calender.

EDIT: I just looked at google maps, and judging by the leg descriptions in the press release and the geographic location of the bivouac sites referred to... it seems that the event is going to be somewhat of a "Baja style" (in the euro/FIA sense of the meaning) format... with relatively short 200 - 300 km stages looping in and out of the bivouac sites, that make use of the coastal cities Aktau/Kenderli amenities and logistics.

Considering that Kazakstan is the worlds 9th largest country (in terms of geographical area) and the majority desert, it would be awesome if this "toe in the water" 4 day FIA CCR event, might someday expand to encompass a fully fledged marathon rally (stages stretching across to Almaty and even the capital Astana), because it seems that they would have the real estate to easily conduct a 6,000 to 8,000 km rally within the country.
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The rally was born out of the effort of MobilexRally Team who are based in/around Aktau region hence the location. They are the usual suspects at the WorldCup events as well as Africa EcoRace. It was also a question of logistics and bivouac with amenities. They held the candidate event last year and it was not too bad.

If anyone wants any additional info or any insight please let me or DesertDog know. Mobilex are my dear friends but big time enemies of my good behaviour at race events, lol! Im sure DesertDog knows what I mean.


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What a misterious final words GEO.................
Good to see new round, which apparently has a good terrain to offer to the world championship!


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Not really Zeque, it just means that they get George sh!tf@ced everytime he visits their camp! :):)
If it wasnt for some team members trying to get me out of their camp all would be great!

Kazakh guys are a great bunch - big team with massive support, media, administration. They did a lot to make the event happen and hopefully this rally will be a success.

I had a look at shipping rates from Qatar and for now I have to say no to the event - as shipping a support truck would cost 18'000 Euros alone! Maybe another time...

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Monday, February 6th, 2017


· BFG appointed as the official shipping agent for Aktau City-based Rally Kazakhstan

ALMATY (KAZAKHSTAN): The Automotorsport Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan has now finalised a range of shipping and transportation options for competitors keen to compete in Rally Kazakhstan, the fifth round of the 2017 FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies, on May 20-27.

With large travel distances involved over a short space of time, particularly for competitors who also intend to compete in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge and the Sealine Cross-Country Rally in April, accurate and efficient logistics are vital. The Automotorsport Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan has announced several options to enable teams to reach the Caspian Sea-neighbouring city of Aktau in plenty of time for Kazakhstan’s historic entry into the FIA World Cup.

“Arranging accurate shipping and transportation from Qatar and Europe was a difficult task and one which we have worked on for more than a year,” said Marat Abykayev, President of the Automotorsport Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. “We are delighted to announce that the official shipping partner for Rally Kazakhstan 2017 is BFG Best for Goods SRL (BFG).

“BFG has worked for several motor sporting events and is known in the market for its efficient service and clear and transparent pricing. They are the only authorised carriers approved by Rally Kazakhstan and will also provide customs clearance facilities.”

Four shipping options are available, although BFG can also supply airfreight solutions upon request. A comprehensive first option covers European teams that want to compete in the UAE, Qatar, Kazakhstan and the Italian Baja. Option two supports European competitors who are travelling directly from Italy to Kazakhstan and back and the third alternative is a return shipping timetable and programme for the return route from Qatar to Kazakhstan. The fourth option is a one-way shipping proposal from Qatar to Kazakhstan.

The comprehensive first option requires vehicles be delivered to the Italian port of Genoa on March 2-3 and the equipment is ready for collection at the Jebel Ali port in Dubai on March 27. Vehicles must then be returned to Jebel Ali on April 7-8 and will arrive in Doha on April 13 and be released at the Losail circuit.

Vehicles must then be returned to Losail for shipment on April 22 and released at the Mobilex warehouse in Aktau on May 16. Vehicles returned to the Mobilex warehouse by May 29 will then be shipped to Italy and released in Pordenone on June 12.

For European teams not requiring shipment to the Middle East to compete in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge or the Sealine event in Qatar, vehicles must be delivered to Pordenone by April 27 and they will then be released at the Mobilex warehouse on or around May 16 and returned as per the timetable for option one.

For further information on BFG, full pricing and shipping requirements, contact Cristiano Bazzan, E-mail cristiano.bazzan@bestforgoods.com, Tel: + 39 335 8371881.

For further information on Rally Kazakhstan, contact the Automotorsport Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 050010, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kazybek Bi 12.24, Tel: + 7 727 2939028, E-mail: dmahenya@fams.kz and rallykazakhstan@gmail.com.

Websites: www.fams.kz and www.rallykazakhstan.com.