Rally races in the southwest


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I am looking for any information on rally races in the southwest, specifically in and around Arizona. I know of the prescott rally and plan to attend this year as a spectator, but would also like to know of some more local races I can play with my truck in. Does anybody out there in Rally-land have any info? Thanks!



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...races I can play with my truck in...


To do any rally event OTHER than a RallyCross, your truck would have to be SCCA rally-legal. The 2003 rules are not on-line yet, but the 2002 rules are. Here's a link: <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.timthedriver.com/2002PerformanceRallyRuleBook.pdf>http://www.timthedriver.com/2002PerformanceRallyRuleBook.pdf</A>

You are welcome to bring your truck to a RallyCross (NOT RallySprint) event. Just today I found out there will be at least two in AZ this year. That's all I know. Once I have more detail, you'll hear about here. I wish there were more in AZ, but I'll be hauling my stuff out to Cali for three events, and Laughlin for a fourth. All we have is Prescott in AZ. All it takes is someone willing to organize. There's only one or two guys in AZ who are doing that.

I did see in the Whiplash paper that they were gonna do something of a RallyCross nature at Pima. But that was like "..Come on down! Bring your golf cart, pre runner, dune buggy, 18 wheeler, hovercraft, whatever! We'll time you through our course." Hardly a true RallyCross, but could be fun.

Happy motoring, Tim