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rally school


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Is anyone attending the rally school this month? Im going to be there and just thought it would be a chance to match some faces to screen names. Marshall


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What rally school? Do they lease caged rally cars?


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No, they don't lease any cars. There is a driving section from 3-6pm. You'll either be in your own car or in one of the instructors. My understanding is that you will not neccessarily learn how to drive a rally car, but that you will learn about how to compete in a rally and get some very basic driving tips. I'm not sure if they'll cover pendulum turns or anything like that. Probably left foot braking, how to enter/exit turns, etc. I saw today on SpecialStage.com that the class is full. So if you want to go, you'd need to contact Ray Hocker and see if you can get on the list. It was advertised as having spots 70 students.

Happy motoring, Tim

Below is the skinny on the school...looks like it's too late....

The 2002 California Rally Series Rally School
February 23-24, 2002, Ridgecrest California
Notice: The school now full. We limit the number of students so provide a quality experience for everyone attending. We are accepting paid entries for a standby list. Stand by students will be notified the week of school and any students not added to the class will given a full refund and their checks will be returned to them without being deposited. We are working on adding an additional school some time soon and there is an other scheduled class set for September. If you are interested in attending these schools, please email ray@rallyusa.com so we can add you to the list of interested students. Thank you for your interest.

A daylong event that covers all elements of rally competition. Again this year, a heavy emphasis will be placed on in the seat time for both drivers and co-drivers on practice courses designed to give them the "feel" of real competition. Completion of the school meets part of the qualifications an SCCA National ProRally License and satisfies the requirement for a "first timers" class at the student's first event. The Symposium is designed to benefit everyone from newcomer to experienced seasoned rallyist. Topics will be of interest to all levels of competitors. This is a great opportunity to show a new co-driver, service crew member, or spouse what rally is all about. There is no one involved in the sport that will not benefit from this workshop. The Director of the School is Ray Hocker. 2002 will mark the the seventh consecutive presentation of the event. Your entry includes a "working sack lunch" Saturday afternoon (the learning continues over the munching) and the traditional Pizza Feed Saturday night. You do not need to bring any vehicle to take part in the course. You may use any reasonable street automobile for the drivers practice sessions as they are on the same level smooth dirt parking lot as the Sunday RallyCross. Experienced Drivers will ride along with you to show you how to use the practice area. There is some gravel and rock in the dirt surface but experience has shown that damage from this surface is minimal.

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