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rally video

That video clip was fuckin great!!!!! Iwant to see the whole movie those guys were catching more air that most prerunners would.


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THAT CLIP IS SICK... (As the flat billers say)

I am not able to see this video. This always happens because I work on a Mac all day. Is there any way to post it in QT format? Just wondering, it sounds bitchen but this really sucks!



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Im a Machead too. Just download Windows Media Player for the Mac, that will let you be able to watch the movies..
drag the link on the page http://www.rrunracing.com then you'll see the link for the WRC movie. Be aware it takes AWHILE to download but drag the text to the desktop of the Mac.
Then get yourself WMP and your set.


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I'm not sure. I know it took me about 2 hours (yikes!) to download on a dial-up modem (using Win Media Player). Well worth it the wait!!!!


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I have to agree with Kreg...SICK. Good thing I downloaded it before I got layed off and didn't have to wait for the dial up.


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hey guys- it is awsome, and to watch about 10 hours worth of it, just watch the year end review around new years day on speedvision. it is awsome. and if they played that thing on mtv, how many kids would want to rally cross their rice burners? think about it...

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that is killer! Those guys have the power slide down to a science! And talk about close action. If 1st from last place are separated by more than 5 sec, thats a large gap to them. And yet in our sport, 1st and 2nd don't even get that close. And too bad we don't get that much sponsorship and spectators.


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I read an article on Colin Mcrae. He said rally really didnt get popular to the masses until his video game got released a few years ago. He said after that, rally really blew up world wide. I guess is salary from ford, not endorsements, got bumped up by a few million dollars. Off Road racing has numerous video games, and yet I have not seen it happen yet. I know people across the country buy and play the ivan games, but still no one knows about the sport. Why?

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people don't know about the sport because it is not marleted correctly. what did you think of that video? it was great! music was up to date, professional quality, lots of exciting shots, lots of air time, the in car shots were great(what about some of those determined faces when a driver knew he just lost 2/10 ths of a second in a turn?) it is a video that could play during the superbowl and people would sit and watch it. none of the videos of offroad today come close to that. like i said earlier, if that video played on mtv, there would be 5,000 post teen kids looking for roll cages and fuel cells for their hondas and mitsubishis. right now, the american rally scene, to them, is a bunch of crusty old guys trying to be like englishmen. i know thats not true, but that is the image of paddock racing here. just ask any of the millens. now, wait till you see some side by side stuff at the rally crosses!

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the only reason I can see to why the video games haven't gotten offroading more spectators is because people have know about our sport for a while, and could be burned out. But when the rally games came out, it introduced the sport to a lot of people who did'nt know that it even existed. However, in Europe, the fans have always been there for rally.


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martininsocal writes. "right now, the american rally scene, to them, is a bunch of crusty old guys trying to..""

Martin must have been referring to offroad racing, that until recently had crusty old prehistoric drivers, who didnt know when it was time to hang up their goggles. Offroad racing has been full of old codgers. When you look at the buyers of the manufacturers entry level pick up trucks, such as Ford Rangers, Toyota MiniTrucks and Chevy Blazers, it certainly doesnt make much sense to have grand dads driving these brands and trying to promote these brands to an audience that is 30 years younger. WRC is appealing to a fresh generation of US TV viewers and fans because it offers several things; including cars that they can relate to, several manufacturers who participate, a selection of international drivers who are all heroes in their own respective countries, an international race schedule, a TV package that is supported by all the manufacturers that brings the best images to the fans, a professional organisation that runs the series, only one premier series, instead of a bunch of competing series, rules stability, only 3 classes to promote, Group A, Group N and Super1600, plus 40 years of organisational and marketing skills that has converted a series of local rallies, into a series of global autosports events. Effectively the US desert races and promoters are at a level of where World Rally was 40 years ago. Comparing WRC and Desert Offroad is like comparing apples to alligators. Desert offroad racing currently is a club level, family and friends hobby. WRC is built on a series of local, regional, national and world class events. The success of a desert race and the success of a promoter is driven by the number of entries that they attract. Not by the quality of the entries, not by commercial sponsorship support, not by factory participation, and not by a commercial TV package. As a comparison WRC derives it funds from commercial sponsorship and TV revenues. The number of entries are strictly limited ( Rally Australia has a limit of 35 entries ), manufacturers are obliged to pay in order to participate, all of the teams are professional, and each event in the series has a fulltime and volunteer staff who administer and organize their particular round.

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