RallyUSA blurb last Sunday on TNN


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Hi Folks,

Anyone catch the brief report of the RallyUSA on TNN's "SuperTuner2" (Import Tuner) show yesterday (Sunday, 4/27)? It showed this guy racing past years events in what looked like a beater, 70's model, rear-wheel drive Datsun. Looked like he bought a new Nissan Sentra Spec V to race in last years event. Anyone have any comments or opinions on the Nissan Sentra? I heard the top of the line model has a 180 hp engine, all for still under $17K or $18K.

Watching how much fun he had racing the old beater Datsun got me thinking again about entering my glacially slow, beater 87 Volvo in the stock, street legal class at the next local rally race. If I were to do such a crazy thing, what should I do to prep it? New shocks and tires seem like the obvious things. It's a 3200 lb. rear wheel drive with a meek 115 hp (if that) 4 cyl. I know I won't win, but I figured for a car that cost me only $200 from a co-worker, I might as well have fun with it. Any ideas on how I can get started? I already found the local SCCA club website and intend on going to its next meeting.

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